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Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys were unable to strike a deal before the July 15 deadline, putting a dark cloud over the QB’s future with the team. Prescott will play in 2020 under his exclusive franchise tag and make $31.4 million this season. Evidently, the inability of the two sides to come to a long-term agreement has led to a new team emerging as the favorite to sign Prescott in 2021.

According to the betting odds, there are actually four teams favored to employ Prescott over the Cowboys next season. Could this be the final year for Prescott in Dallas?

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys couldn’t agree to a long-term deal

July 15 was the last day for NFL teams to sign players to multi-year deals ahead of the 2020 season. Superstars such as Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones, and Derrick Henry all signed contracts before the deadline, while Prescott was left in the dust.

Prescott wanted a four-year deal to remain with the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones didn’t want to budge off his five-year offer. In the end, the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement.

It isn’t all bad for Prescott, though. He will still earn $31.4 million guaranteed in 2020 from his exclusive franchise tag. If he has another impressive season, he’ll demand top money in 2021 and beyond. Prescott can soon become one of the highest-paid players in NFL history, but it might not be with the Cowboys.

Prescott can become a free agent after the 2020 season

Depending on how the Cowboys approach Prescott’s contract next season, he could become a free agent heading into the 2021 season. Dallas will have the option to place the franchise tag on Prescott again next season, but it will cost them.

Prescott’s franchise tag would be worth over $37 million in 2021. The Cowboys will undoubtedly want to lock Prescott into a long-term deal before resorting to that option again, but they seem too far apart in negotiations at the moment.

If Dallas doesn’t franchise tag Prescott again, the QB will become a free agent. If he feels disrespected by the team that drafted him, Prescott will surely test the open market in 2021.

The Cowboys are not the favorites to sign Prescott past 2020

It isn’t a great sign Prescott and the Cowboys couldn’t come to an agreement before the July 15 deadline. The indecisiveness from both sides makes the QB’s future in Dallas a murky one.

At least Vegas oddsmakers seem to think so.

Odds Shark released betting odds on which team Prescott will suit up for in 2021, and the Cowboys aren’t even in the top four. The LA Chargers are actually the favorites to land Prescott at +700.

Three more teams come in before the Cowboys — the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, and Minnesota Vikings. All three sit at +800 to land the young superstar. The Cowboys are tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars at +900 odds to keep Prescott in 2021.

Does Vegas know something we don’t?


Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys Couldn’t Finalize a Contract Because of 1 Stupid Disagreement