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Tom Brady knows a thing or two about winning championships, so he felt it necessary to congratulate another living legend — LeBron James — after he secured his fourth NBA title.

Brady took to Twitter Sunday night to give James a shoutout with one of his famous photoshops. This time, he added a little self-deprecating humor by trolling his late-game blunder against the Chicago Bears last Thursday night.

Tom Brady became an Internet meme after forgetting it was fourth down against the Bears

Brady had dozens of game-winning touchdown drives during his 20-year stint with the New England Patriots, and he had his first chance to complete one for the Buccaneers last Thursday night against the Bears.

It didn’t go how Tampa Bay fans would’ve hoped.

With the Bucs down 20-19 with under a minute remaining, Brady threw an incomplete pass on fourth down to seal the loss for Tampa Bay. But what happened afterward was even more embarrassing.

After the incompletion, Brady looked over to his sidelines and held up four fingers, as if to say ‘isn’t it fourth down?’ No, Tom. It isn’t.

The Internet had a ball with Brady’s rare blunder, and the image of him looking dazed and confused with four fingers in the air got memed into oblivion. Bucs head coach Bruce Arians said after the game that Brady didn’t forget the down, but fans weren’t buying it.

After a few days, Brady poked some fun at the mistake while congratulating LeBron James at the same time.

Brady congratulates LeBron James while trolling himself

After James led the Lakers to the NBA title for his fourth career championship ring on Sunday night, athletes and celebrities from all over took to Twitter to congratulate ‘The King.’

Brady, who is considered by many to be the greatest player in NFL history, felt it was only right to shout out another GOAT candidate after his historic title. The QB tweeted a photoshopped image of James’ face on Brady’s body holding up four fingers from Thursday night.

“Congrats to my brother @KingJames on winning his 4th championship. Not bad for a washed up old guy!” Brady said in the caption.

Well, at least he can laugh about it a few days later. Expert self-trolling, Mr. Brady.

Tom Brady and LeBron James now have 10 championships combined

James catches some hate for his six NBA Finals losses, but his sustained success over the past decade has been nothing short of incredible. He just reached his ninth NBA Finals series in the last 10 years, and he left the Orlando bubble with his fourth championship ring.

Brady, who can respect an all-time great such as himself, knows how hard it is to win multiple championships. The longtime Patriot reached nine Super Bowls himself, and he has won more rings than he can even fit on one hand.

Together, Brady and James have won 10 championships combined. 10! Whatever your opinion on either Hall of Famer is, you have to respect and admire two of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. We don’t have much more time to watch and appreciate their greatness, and we’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Let’s hope they can continue to entertain us online into retirement.


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