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Tom Brady is just one of those guys that people love to hate, although most of that hatred comes out of pure jealousy. He angered a lot of NFL fan bases by leading the New England Patriots to nine Super Bowl appearances, winning six of them, but he’s one of those quarterbacks that those same fan bases would have loved to have on their team, although some might have a hard time admitting it. Just look at the love he’s been getting in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The guy’s a winner, folks.

But football hasn’t been the only reason for the hatred of Tom Brady. He’s rich, handsome, once had a moat guarding his mansion, and is married to one of the richest and most successful supermodels in history. Yeah, that’ll cause a little jealousy and hatred from a few people, right?

But Brady has now given folks an actual reason to be upset with him as his company, TB12, Inc., recently received a PPP loan of close to a million dollars at a time when thousands upon thousands of small businesses are shutting down due to COVID-19. And then just after that news was revealed, he dropped millions on a new boat.

What does Tom Brady’s company do?

The idea for TB12, Inc. began in 2012 as Tom Brady, then 35 years of age, and his good friend and trainer, Alex Guerrero, discussed how their work together had allowed Brady to get even better as he aged. The duo wanted to pass on this knowledge to as many athletes as possible and one year later, the TB12 complex in Foxboro opened.

As you can see on the TB12 website, the company tackles many different areas of health and fitness. From exercise to diet to mental health, Brady and Guerrero have just about everything covered and, in addition to the facilities in Foxboro and Boston and everything available on the website, the company announced plans earlier this year to expand their presence to Tampa, New York, and LA. So it sounds like the company is doing just fine, right?

TB12, Inc. received nearly $1 million in PPP loans from the federal government

Late last week, reported that Tom Brady’s company, TB12, Inc. had received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from the federal government worth close to $1 million, according to data revealed by the Small Business Administration.

Back in March, President Trump signed a $2 trillion relief package designed to support small businesses and fight job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses had to apply to the Small Business Administration to receive assistance and TB12, Inc. was one of the businesses to apply.

While 52% of the small businesses to apply were denied funds, TB12, Inc. received $960,855. It must be noted here that Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, have a combined net worth of around $600 million. Naturally, social media went crazy as most people felt it was wrong that a guy who’s guaranteed $50 million with just his Buccaneers contract alone is receiving money when so many small businesses around the country are being forced to close during this pandemic.

But this story actually gets even worse.

Tom Brady just bought a new boat

On Sunday, just two days after it was reported that TB12, Inc. received the PPP loan worth close to a million bucks, TMZ reported that Tom Brady recently purchased a “custom 40-plus-foot, state-of-the-art watercraft” that was delivered to him this past Thursday. The boat is named “Vida a Vida,” which is also the name of Gisele’s environmental initiative that is hoping to plant 200,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest.

While it wasn’t reported how much Tom Brady paid for his new toy, TMZ says that similar types of boats often cost “around a couple million dollars.”

Not a good look, TB12. Not a good look at all.


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