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Michael and Bruce Buffer have become institutions in boxing and MMA thanks to their flair with a microphone in hand.  Not every weekend is a fight weekend, however, so the half-brothers have branched out to other endeavors.

These days, Bruce Buffer picks up $349 at a time doing custom-made videos on behalf of fans who want to share birthday wishes or other special announcements with family and friends. One of those quick-hit videos was already destined for induction into the social media hall of fame, and now there’s another contender out there.

What is

Launched in 2017, enables celebrities to sell personalized video messages to fans. The thousands of available celebrities include numerous figures from sports. A message from NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo starts at $40, retired soccer star Mia Hamm charges $125, and Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre gets $400. Others command $1,000 or more.

The site is catching on. The Wall Street Journal reported that the website generated $100 million in sales in 2020. The investors behind tripled its valuation to $1 billion by raising $100 million in additional capital in early 2021.

UFC announcer Bruce Buffer is available on for $349 a pop. His profile page contains close to 1,000 likes and hundreds of positive reviews for the way he hams up the most mundane birthday and anniversary announcements in his full-throated octagon voice.

By the way, Michael Buffer is available on the same website, charging $299.

Bruce Buffer’s baby announcement is a guilty pleasure

The video of Bruce Buffer announcing the birth of a baby boy began making the rounds in May 2021. It might only be his second-best bit of moonlighting work, but it’s already a hit.

New dad Darren Russell shelled out the $349 to announce the birth of son Mason William Russell in Buffer’s full octagon persona. We could try describing it and even transcribing it into standard English, but that doesn’t do it justice. So, just watch the video above and enjoy the transcription:

“Aaaand nowwwww, on this very special day, Wednesday April 21, a veeeery special boooy was born at 10:59 a.m. to parents Darren and Haaaaley Russell and joining his siblings Eva aaaand George! And now this is the moment we’ve aaaaall been waaaaiting for! Weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces, iiiiit’s tiiiiime to welcome the future chaaampion of the wooooooorld, Mason Williaaaam Russeeeeeelllll!”

Breaking up is easier to do with Buffer’s help

While Michael Buffer has made “Let’s get ready to rumble” his meal ticket, Bruce Buffer’s go-to line in UFC fight introductions is, “It’s time!”

In December 2020, a customer familiar with Buffer’s years of work introducing mixed martial arts fighters called upon him to bring a failing relationship to an end.

Buffer pulled it off in 14 brutally blunt seconds, announcing, “It’s Timmmme for Kaylee to movvvvve onnnnn.”

Conor McGregor was never as savage in ending a fight as Buffer was in ending that relationship.

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