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Every NFL fan knows that the Kansas City Chiefs have a stacked offense. Between Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill, the unit seems to have playmakers at every skill position. Anthony Sherman, however, usually doesn’t get too much attention.

Despite his blue-collar role as the Kansas City Chiefs’ fullback, Anthony Sherman has recently been making headlines on social media by giving away his $80,000 truck. While he is giving the vehicle away for charity, it wasn’t his idea; it began as an elaborate revenge prank.

Anthony Sherman is one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ most senior players

Even during their heyday, fullback was never the most glamorous position on an NFL roster. That reality, though, hasn’t stopped Anthony Sherman from putting together a solid career at the position.

Sherman played his college ball at the University of Connecticut, where he spent four seasons with the Huskies. While his stats never jumped off the box score, he did enough to impress NFL scouts; when the 2011 NFL draft rolled around, the fullback joined the Arizona Cardinals as a fifth-round pick.

After two years in the desert, though, Sherman was dealt to the Chiefs in May 2013. Since then, he’s become a fixture in Kansas City; thanks to a series of one-year contracts, the fullback is one of the team’s longest-tenured players.

During his 10 years of NFL service, Anthony Sherman has accumulated a grand total of 625 yards on offense, scoring five touchdowns; he’s also made a little over $12 million in salary, according to Spotrac. While that might not seem too impressive compared to other offensive players, it’s not a bad deal for the man they call ‘Sausage.’

Giving away an $80,000 truck for charity

For the second-straight season, Anthony Sherman and his Kansas City Chiefs are heading to the Super Bowl.

On January 30, Sherman’s Twitter account shared an announcement that read, “You know what I love more than my truck? My Freedom!  Join me in fighting for those who don’t have it!  Click to win my truck, I’m giving it away!”

On the E3 Ranch Foundation website, there were some more details about the truck in question. It’s apparently a 2017 King Ranch F250 with “custom OD Green wrap, window tinting, custom bumper, custom lift and many extras.” The lucky winner could also choose a $40,000 cash prize instead of the truck, if they desire.

The E3 Ranch’s website also states, “Whether it be in the fight against sex-trafficking or serving those who have served us–our Combat Veterans, our mission is to serve others and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” Every year, sex-trafficking is a major concern around the Super Bowl.

Anthony Sherman’s truck giveaway initially started as an elaborate revenge prank

If you only saw Anthony Sherman’s tweet in a vacuum, you’d probably think that he was just trying to do the right thing and raise some money for charity. In reality, though, the giveaway wasn’t his idea; it was an elaborate prank designed to get revenge on the Chiefs’ fullback.

“It really wasn’t necessarily my idea at first,” Sherman explained to Pat McAfee. “I had a couple of buddies of mine who decided to find a way onto my Twitter account and put this up as a prank and kind of gave me two options. It was like, ‘Hey, you can look one way, or you can look the other way.’ So I just decided that, you know, it’s only a truck.”

This wasn’t just a simple prank, though; it’s raffling off an $80,000 truck. So what inspired this elaborate act of revenge?

“It started with Oreo cookies,” Sherman continued. “About maybe a month ago, I took cookies down to Fort Scott, Kansas, and dumped about 12,000 Oreo cookies into [baseball player] Adam LaRoche’s Raptor, in through the sunroof. Opened each package and dumped them in through the sunroof.”

From there, some inside men on the Chiefs’ roster got Sherman’s phone password; when the time was right, they got onto his Twitter account and posted the information about the raffle, which is run by LaRoche’s E3 Ranch Foundation.

So not only is Anthony Sherman giving away his $80,000 truck for charity, but he’s following through on the plan despite it not even being his idea. That’s a pretty sweet gesture by the man they call Sausage.

Stats courtesy of Pro-Football-Reference


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