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July 1 is just a regular day for most athletes in the U.S. For former New York Met Bobby Bonilla, though, it’s his favorite day of the year. Bonilla cashes a $1.19 million check from the Mets every July 1 dating back to 2011. He will continue to cash that annual check every year until 2035. The Mets are actually paying Bonilla more money not to play for them than the Kansas City Chiefs are paying Patrick Mahomes in base salary this season. Wait, what?

Bobby Bonilla earns $1.19 million every July 1 for doing nothing

Bobby Bonilla played his final MLB game in 2001. He’s 57 years old today, and he’ll be on the Mets’ payroll until he turns 72. Every July 1 from 2011-2035, Bonilla receives $1,193,248.20. Not too shabby for sitting home and doing nothing.

But why are the Mets paying a former player almost 20 years after he retired? Well, when New York bought out Bonilla’s contract in 2000, they had the option to pay him $5.9 million on the spot or pay him a yearly amount plus interest.

The franchise decided on the latter. With an 8% interest kicking in, the annual amount shot up to $1.19 million for 25 years.

Bonilla is paid more per year than some of the MLB’s brightest stars. Pete Alonso, the reigning Rookie of the Year and Home Run Derby champ, will only earn $241,674 from the Mets this season.

Not even the Super Bowl MVP has a higher 2020 base salary than Bonilla.

Patrick Mahomes is due just $825k in base salary this season

Patrick Mahomes is coming off a magical season in Kansas City. Mahomes capped off the season with a Super Bowl MVP award after the Chiefs came back to beat the San Francisco 49ers earlier this year.

Mahomes will undoubtedly earn a massive contract in the near future. He might even become the highest-paid player in NFL history soon, but that won’t happen in 2020.

The Chiefs owe Mahomes just $825,000 in base salary for the upcoming season. Bobby Bonilla, who hasn’t played baseball in nearly 20 years, will earn more in salary on July 1 than Mahomes will all season.

Don’t expect Patrick Mahomes’ contract situation to stay the same for long

Mahomes might be making less than $1 million in base salary in 2020, but that isn’t the entire story. With bonuses, Mahomes will earn $2.7 million in total cash next season.

Still, that figure isn’t nearly enough for the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes has established himself as arguably the best quarterback on planet earth. His next contract will break the bank like never before.

Reports say Mahomes can earn the first $200 million contract in NFL history. With a few more Super Bowls in Kansas City, he will surely deserve it. Mahomes might be making less in base salary than a 57-year-old former baseball player does in one day, but that won’t continue for long.

All contract info courtesy of Spotrac


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