Brett Favre Explains Why Mike McCarthy Is a Hot Head Coaching Candidate

We’re still in the midst of the NFL playoffs, but the head coaching carousel keeps spinning. Ron Rivera has already shaken up the Washington Redskins locker room, Pat Shurmur lost his job with the New York Giants, and Jerry Jones finally dropped the ax on Jason Garrett. Every firing, however, needs a corresponding hiring; according to Brett Favre, Mike McCarthy will do a great job anywhere he lands.

According to the veteran gunslinger, McCarthy still has what it takes to lead an NFL organization. One specific reality could make him an attractive candidate for several clubs.

Mike McCarthy’s coaching career

While Mike McCarthy eventually rose to football’s highest heights, he started out in much more humble circumstances. He began coaching at Fort Hays State, where he served as a graduate assistant before moving on to the University of Pittsburgh.

After a few years in the Steel City, McCarthy made the jump to the professional ranks. He joined the Kansas City Chiefs organization, starting as an offensive quality control assistant and eventually working his way up to quarterbacks coach. McCarthy then spent the 1999 season as the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback’s coach, working with a young Brett Favre, before running the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers offenses.

In 2006, McCarthy returned to Green Bay, this time as the head coach. While success didn’t come easily, the club’s fortunes started turning. McCarthy would lift the Lombardi Trophy at the conclusion of the 2010 campaign and remained in Wisconsin until Week 13 of 2018. When all was said and done, he left the Packers with a 125-77-2 record and a Super Bowl ring.

Brett Farve hails his former coach’s skillset

Despite his success in Green Bay, Mike McCarthy remained out of work for the 2019 season. He’s currently interviewing for jobs, though, and Brett Farve thinks he’ll be a great fit wherever he lands. One situation, though, would be ideal.

“I think he’ll do a great job,” the veteran quarterback explained on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I had him in 1999, and that was basically the middle of my career, and after that year he was gone, but then he came back obviously as the head coach. And really a bright mind. Good for a quarterback. I think any young quarterback would like him.”

“And he’s very understandable, much like Brian Daboll at Buffalo and Darrell Bevell [ of the Detriot Lions], guys who are coaching right now, relate to the guys very well,” Favre continued. “And I think that’s important, on top of his X’s-and-O’s mentality. Obviously, he’s had Aaron Rodgers, and that certainly helps. But I do think he brings a level of toughness but also a confidence that as a player, as a quarterback for him, you feel confident in the plays that he calls, that he’s going to call plays that cater more to your ability rather than maybe a previous guy he had. So I think he’s a simple but yet confidence-building and technique-driven coach. He’ll be a good fit for any of those teams.”

Where would Mike McCarthy fit?

Towards the end of his time in Green Bay, Mike McCarthy’s reputation started to suffer. His conservative playcalling led to conflicts with Aaron Rodgers, and the coach often appeared lost in late-game situations. McCarthy claims to have spent his time away from the game, becoming more of a modern head coach, but the proof of that will be in the pudding.

Decision-making aside, though, we do know that McCarthy is a talented offensive coach with a knack for working with quarterbacks. That opens up a few job possibilities, depending on the type of project he wants to take on. Dak Prescott needs less guidance than some of the other candidates, but has plenty of talent; the price of taking over the Cowboys offense, though, is dealing with Jerry Jones. Baker Mayfield has shown potential star power in Cleveland, but the Browns can’t seem to get out of their own way. Daniel Jones of the New York Giants is also an exciting prospect to team up with, but the club may prefer Matt Rhule.

Whether he lands with the Cowboys, Browns, or Giants, Mike McCarthy will have plenty of toys on offense. If you believe Brett Favre, there’s no better man to run the show.