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Every NFL fan base has a couple of people they can’t stand. While most of those tend to play for rival teams, plenty of Dallas Cowboys supporters cast their eyes inward at Jerry Jones. Due to the owner’s insistence on acting as his club’s general manager, he hasn’t made himself the most popular man in Big D.

While it’s impossible to overlook Jerry Jones’ missteps at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s also received plenty of additional plaudits. In fact, the owner is a member of two different football Halls of Fame.

Jerry Jones hasn’t endeared himself to every Dallas Cowboys fan

At the best of times, owners and team executives tend to fly under the radar. Some, like Jerry Jones, however, prefer to play by their own rules.

When Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, he pledged that he would be involved in his organization “down to the jocks and socks.” While that sounds great in theory—every fan wants an owner who cares about the team—it has also made him an object of derision.

To fans outside of Dallas, Jones has become somewhat of a caricature, representing a wealthy NFL owner. His fortune seemingly isn’t enough to satisfy him; Jerry, for better or worse, always has to find a way in front of the camera to make himself an important part of the show.

For Cowboys fans, however, the issues focus more on his personnel decisions. As both the owner and general manager, Jones doesn’t need to answer to anyone; if he makes a bad signing or fails to fire a coach at the right moment, he won’t lose his job. That reality, coupled with his insistence on proving he’s the smartest man in the room, has left the Cowboys stranded in limbo.

Earning a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

For all of his issues, though, Jerry Jones has accumulated some nice honors over the course of his career. Perhaps none of those are bigger than his enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jones officially received his place in Canton as part of the Class of 2017. His page on the Hall of Fame’s official website hits all the beats that you would expect. It cites Jones’ ability to restore a “winning tradition” in Dallas, his three Super Bowl titles, and the construction of AT&T Stadium. There’s no mention, of course, of his more recent struggles.

As with any other enshrinee, a case can be made for or against Jones’ place in football history. Some, like Berry Trammell of The Oklahoman, believe that owning a winning team doesn’t deserve the sport’s highest honor. Others, like Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, highlight Jones’ role in transforming the NFL from an ordinary sports league into a financial juggernaut.

Jerry Jones has also earned a place in the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame


Jerry Jones Just Gave Dallas Cowboys Fans 1 More Reason to Hate Him

When you think of Jerry Jones, you probably associate him with the Dallas Cowboys. He’s also earned a Texas-based football honor, though: a place in the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame.

In addition to winning the game as a player as part of the 1964 national champion Arkansas Razorbacks, Jones’ off-field accomplishments also earned him enshrinement.

“During the construction of AT&T Stadium, Jerry invited the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association to play the Classic in his new stadium,” the Cotton Bowl’s official website explains. “He knew that was the missing element to restoring the game to greatness, solidifying its future, and eventually becoming a part of the College Football Playoff. His efforts behind the scenes helped the Classic take the all-important step toward regaining its position among the elite of postseason college football.”

While the enshrinement ceremony was scheduled for early May, it has understandably been postponed until later this year. Regardless of when he formally receives the honor, though, Jerry Jones has earned a spot in two separate Hall of Fame. Between that reality, his Super Bowl rings, and his bank account, he probably isn’t too concerned about being unpopular.