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Growing up, Erin Andrews admits she was a tomboy. She hung around with the boys, talked sports, and played them, too. Andrews, now making her living in the world of sports media, was a Green Bay Packers fan, admittedly because of her father. She recently revealed who she now roots for.

Erin Andrews addresses the challenges of working in 2020

You can find Erin Andrews on the sidelines at NFL games on Thursdays and Sundays, but her schedule is much more than that. Andrews is a hard-working woman and because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), work has been more challenging. She’s not able to do many of those in-person interviews like she’s done in years past.

“Doing a Thursday game, doing Sundays, and then we fit in features in between that,” Andrews said on the latest episode of DangerTalk, a podcast hosted by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. “This year has been a little different in terms of doing those features. Now you get on a Zoom and try to make it sexy and hot by doing it this way.

“It’s different. It’s hard. Traveling is different. It’s hard. I haven’t seen you (Wilson) in person. I’ve seen you from afar. My week would start on a Monday, where we just got home from a Sunday game. We are getting our schedules for the whole week. We know that we have a Thursday and we know we have a Sunday… I’ll get on a plane and I’ll do the Thursday game and if there’s time to get back to LA, I’ll do it. If not, I’ll go straight to the Sunday game and stay out there. Then it starts all over again.”

Andrews explains what happens after the NFL season

After a very busy NFL season, Erin Andrews doesn’t stop there. Actually, she does take a little bit of time off but it’s nothing she looks forward to. “Usually what happens after the season ends I get a good week of being sick because my body just realizes I’m done and then it’s like holy cow here comes the flu,” Andrews said on Danger Talk.

“It always happens. I lose my voice for a week, which my husband doesn’t mind. I turn into a mad congestion machine. What’s going to happen this year is I have this clothing line (WEAR) we started with the NFL and now we’ve branched out into the NCAA, and also the NBA as well.”

Andrews said she’s going to work on trying to figure out how to balance everything that’s on her plate. “I’m going to try to figure out how to juggle all these businesses and so forth. I have a couple of other things in the hopper.”

Who does Erin Andrews root for now?

Erin Andrews said while growing up she rooted for the Green Bay Packers. “I was raised a Green Bay Packers fan,” she told DangerTalk. Andrews went on to talk about how Russell Wilson, the podcast’s host, tore the heart out of her father with a couple of dramatic Seahawks wins over the Packers.

“Now, you start becoming of a huge fan of the guys and their organizations, coaches – people with stories,” she said. “I remember the (2012) draft. I had covered Russell all throughout college and I remember sitting in Washington DC with my dad. We were waiting and waiting and finally, his name was called. My dad kept saying, ‘I’m so happy for Russell.’ Well, then Russell Wilson tore my dad’s heart out his chest (with the Seahawks). I remember my dad texting me, saying, I feel like I’m gonna puke, but I’m still happy for Russell.’

Andrews now roots for players she’s built relationships with. “You cheer for the guys and the stories and so forth. I’m a fan of all the people I have relationships with and are good to me.”


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