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After all the contract drama between Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, the QB finally agreed to sign his exclusive franchise tag for 2020 worth $31.4 million. The deal makes Prescott the seventh highest-paid player in the NFL this season. His base salary of $31.4 is the highest of any player in the league. We know where Prescott ranks in terms of current NFL players, but where does he rank in Cowboys franchise history?

Dak Prescott just signed his $31.4 million franchise tag

Dallas Cowboys fans might have to wait a while longer to see Dak Prescott locked into a long-term deal, but at least the offseason contract drama is over for the time being. Prescott finally signed his exclusive franchise tag worth $31.4 million this week.

The two sides have until July 15 to negotiate a long-term contract, but hopes seem slim after months of disagreements. For now, though, Prescott will be at camp ahead of the 2020 NFL season.

Prescott’s $31.4 base salary for the upcoming season is the highest of any current player in the NFL. His 2020 earnings will rank seventh in the league behind six other quarterbacks.

Russell Wilson leads the pack at $35 million, with veterans Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers following right behind. Prescott’s NFC East rival, Carson Wentz, ranks just ahead of him at $32 million.

Tony Romo has the highest career earnings in Cowboys history

Although Dak Prescott’s massive franchise tag makes him one of the highest-paid NFL players, he isn’t very close to the highest-paid Cowboys in history. After all, he’s only in his fifth season as a pro, and 2020 will be the first season Prescott will earn more than $2.1 million.

Prescott’s career earnings through 2019 don’t even eclipse $5 million. He could very well become the highest-paid player in Cowboys history after signing a long-term deal, but Tony Romo holds that title for now.

Romo went from an undrafted free agent to the highest-paid Cowboy of all time. It’s one of the greatest financial stories in NFL history.

Romo played 14 seasons in Dallas and made over $127 million as the starting quarterback. His career earnings rank 17th in NFL history, right behind Sam Bradford and Brett Favre.

If Prescott stays with the Cowboys for the rest of his career, he will surely pass Romo sooner than later for the top spot.

Dak Prescott is the highest-paid Cowboy in history in terms of yearly salary

Prescott may not be the highest earner in Cowboys history, but his new deal does make him the highest-paid Dallas player ever based on yearly salary. No one who has ever slapped a blue star on their helmet made more in a season than Prescott will in 2020.

Prescott is entering the most important season in his young career so far. He can earn the largest contract in NFL history if he impresses Jerry Jones in 2020. He could also convince the Cowboys GM that he isn’t worth the money, which would change his career landscape forever.

All contract info courtesy of Spotrac


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