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As owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones gets to call the shots. While that’s led to plenty of issues in the past, it means that it’s easy to understand the thought process behind any personnel moves: Jerry wanted it, so Jerry did it. That includes the club’s recent hiring of Mike McCarthy to replace Jason Garrett as head coach.

Jones recently revealed his thoughts about the hiring process. The Cowboys owner explained the one specific reason he tapped McCarthy.

The Dallas Cowboys disappointing 2019 season

When the 2019 season, the Dallas Cowboys looked like an easy favorite to come out of the NFC East. For all of the team’s flaws, their offense looked talented enough to carry them into the postseason. On the field, however, the opposite happened.

The Cowboys started the year 3-0, but followed that winning run with a three-game losing streak; after that, the losses became more and more frequent. As the club struggled, Jerry Jones and, in turn, Jason Garrett became the center of attention. With each passing week, the owner appeared before reporters, offering a different take on the situation. He endorsed Garrett’s talent, then seemed to put the coach on notice; eventually, however, he started suggesting that no personnel changes were imminent. All the while, losses kept piling up.

For all their issues, the Dallas Cowboys still controlled their own destiny coming into a Week 16 game against the Philadelphia Eagles; despite the occasion, they failed to show up. When the dust cleared, the club finished the year 8-8 and missed the postseason. After an unnecessary delay, Jason Garrett wasn’t offered a new contract.

Jerry Jones was impressed by Mike McCarthy’s winning record

After a year of indecision, Jerry Jones finally decided to move on from Jason Garrett. On January 7, it became apparent that he found his new man; Mike McCarthy was announced as the Dallas Cowboys head coach.

While every coaching candidate has his own unique pros and cons, Jones was impressed by one key aspect of McCarthy’s career: his ability to win football games. “One of our primary goals in selecting the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys was to focus on a proven team-builder and winner. Someone who’s got a proven track record of winning not only consistently, but at the highest level,” the Cowboys owner explained. “[In] Mike McCarthy, we found a coach who not only checked those boxes, but also has the experience of taking an NFL team to the biggest stage, the Super Bowl, and completing the job.”

On a factual basis, what Jerry Jones said is true. Mike McCarthy has won 125 of his 204 games in charge and did lift the Lombardi Trophy. Will that winning success carry over to Dallas, though?

Will Mike McCarthy fit with the Dallas Cowboys?

On paper, Jerry Jones hired the best head coach available. There are some questions, however, about how Mike McCarthy will fit in the modern NFL.

While McCarthy’s tenure isn’t spotless—his playcalling apparently rubbed Aaron Rodgers the wrong way, and he struggled to adapt when the opposition caught onto his game plan—he will inherit a talented roster in Dallas. Although we’ll have to see if the head coach actually evolved during his year away from the game, his play calling should help the Cowboys. Brett Favre hailed McCarthy’s ability to call plays that breed confidence and cater to his player’s abilities; it might not be rocket science, but giving Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott the ball is a good way to win football games.

At the end of the day, Jerry Jones got his man in Mike McCarthy. Only time will tell if that’s the right move or simply hiring a new Jason Garrett with a better resume.