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It wasn’t too long ago that Johnny Manziel looked like the future of the Cleveland Browns. A highly entertaining and prolifically productive quarterback at Texas A&M, he entered the NFL with sky-high expectations. Yet, it didn’t take long for Johnny Football to wear out his welcome in Cleveland.

Though he’s made a few attempts to continue playing football, Manziel has never recaptured his former glory. Still, that hasn’t prevented the Heisman Trophy winner from amassing an impressive net worth.

Johnny Manziel was a star at Texas A&M

The SEC has produced a number of star quarterbacks over the years. Most recently, Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa turned into first-round picks after record-breaking careers at LSU and Alabama. However, ask any college football fan about the biggest SEC star from the last decade and you’re bound to hear Johnny Manziel’s name pop up quite a bit. Simply put, he was a superstar at Texas A&M.

Despite a diminutive frame, the 6-foot, 207-pounder flashed electrifying playmaking ability as a dual-threat weapon for the Aggies. Manziel redshirted his first year on campus before breaking out as the SEC’s biggest star in 2012. Teaming up with Mike Evans, he threw for 3,706 yards and 26 touchdowns. His speed and ability to break tackles resulted in an astounding 1,410 rushing yards and 21 more touchdowns. Manziel’s fantastic first year as a starter allowed him to become the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

Though he played just two seasons at Texas A&M, the talented and brash star decided to take his talents to the NFL. Only, nobody knew that Johnny Manziel had already peaked as a football player.

Former Heisman winner flamed out with the Cleveland Browns

The 2014 NFL draft featured quite a few future stars. While the Houston Texans made Jadeveon Clowney the No. 1 overall pick, he didn’t even turn out to be the best player from that class. Unfortunately for Browns fans, neither did Johnny Manziel. In fact, he’s arguably the biggest bust.

Given his brash attitude and character concerns, the Heisman Trophy winner didn’t get selected in the top-five picks. In fact, he wasn’t even the first quarterback to go off the board. Blake Bortles surprisingly went third overall before the Browns took Manziel with the 22nd pick. Seen as the perfect savior in Cleveland, he turned out to be a gigantic disappointment.

Immature and unprepared, Manziel didn’t come close to living up to massive expectations. He started just two games as a rookie. He failed to throw a single touchdown pass and completed just 51.4 percent of his 35 attempts. It didn’t get any better in year two. Though he didn’t have great weapons with which to work, Manziel’s lack of accountability ultimately did him in. He started just six games and went 2-4 with just seven touchdowns and five interceptions. The Browns cut Manziel about a month before the 2016 NFL draft.

What is Manziel’s net worth?


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Johnny Manziel flopped once he got to the NFL, but that didn’t stop him from making millions. According to Over the Cap, he earned just north of $5.5 million from the Browns. Of course, he cost himself millions by getting cut before his rookie deal expired. Ultimately, Manziel earned just 67.1 percent of his $8.25 million contract that should have been just a stepping stone in a long, lucrative career. He never earned another NFL contract after the Browns cut him.

Despite a disastrous NFL career and several failed attempts at getting back into football, Johnny Manziel isn’t hurting for cash. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the first-round bust is still worth about $6 million. Still, he serves as a cautionary tale for NFL teams when it comes to investing a first-round pick and millions in guaranteed money on a quarterback with character and leadership concerns.