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While it’s been a while since he’s hit the floor with the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson still possesses all-world of talent. That reality has helped the guard earn plenty of money in the Association and, thanks to those sizable contracts, build up a $60 million net worth. Some of his cash, however, now belongs to Draymond Green.

On a recent Instagram Live, the Warriors guard explained that he’s been playing plenty of dominoes. While that hobby might not be physically demanding, it still comes with some risks. Thompson claimed that he’d lost a good deal of cash to Green thanks, at least in part, to his cheating ways.

Klay Thompson has turned his scoring touch into a $60 million net worth

Given his unlucky ACL and Achilles injuries, Thompson hasn’t seen meaningful NBA action since the tail end of the 2018-19 campaign. Those recent issues, however, didn’t stop the guard from making plenty of money before being confined to the sidelines.

On the back of a strong college career at Washington State, Thompson entered into the 2011 NBA draft and joined the Warriors as the 11th overall pick. While that position might not carry the same clout as going first-overall, it still helped the guard ink a $9.7 rookie contract.

As Klay grew into a key part of the Warriors’ offensive rotation, his earning power also improved. In October 2014, he signed an extension worth $68.9 million over four years. Later that year, he’d earn his first trip to the All-Star Game and claim his first NBA championship. The guard continued to shine and, shortly after tearing his ACL during the 2019 NBA Finals, re-upped with the Warriors. While he’s yet to return to the hardwood, Thompson will be entering the third year of a $189 million deal in fall 2021.

As you might expect, all of that raw salary and some savvy business moves have literally paid off. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Thompson has a $60 million fortune.

Losing money to Draymond Green while playing dominoes

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson holds Draymond Green during the 2019 NBA Finals.
Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in action for the Golden State Warriors during the 2019 NBA Finals. | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

While a $60 million net worth would normally allow Thompson to do virtually anything his heart desires, back-to-back injuries probably limited his options a bit. It’s tough to hit the beach or head to the club immediately after tearing your Achillies. With that being said, the Warriors guard has still found ways to occupy his time.

As explained in a recent Instagram Live, Klay has been playing plenty of dominoes. That hobby isn’t just fun and games, though. It apparently carries some financial risks.

“All I [was] playing with this year was Draymond. He took so much damn money from me, I’m sick of that dude, man,” Thompson explained, as seen in a Streamable recording of his Instagram Live. “I’m never playing Draymond at dominoes again. He’s a cheater. He has a secret big five in his sleeve at all times. It’s crazy. See me on the bones. I haven’t gotten a win against Draymond in dominoes in years. Nah, that’s a lie, I won a series in San Antonio. But it’s been one, one win.” 

While it’s not clear how much money the guard has lost while playing dominoes, he’s a bit more confident in his chess game.

“My guy Magnus, I learned from the world champion himself, the GOAT. Magnus Carlsen,” Klay continued. “See me. That’s my game.”

Klay Thompson isn’t the first person to complain about playing against Draymond Green


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Whether Green is actually cheating or simply has a knack for dominoes, it’s clear that his game has frustrated Thompson. The Warriors guard, however, isn’t the first person to complain about the forward.

Green, for better or worse, has developed somewhat a reputation in the NBA as a defender you don’t want to deal with. Beyond his physical gifts, the Warriors’ stopper has a knack for trash-talking and isn’t afraid to push the envelope, piling up suspensions and fines. Steven Adams, who infamously absorbed a kick from Green, said that Draymond “peaked with annoyingness” during the 2016 Western Conference Finals (H/T For The Win), giving you some idea of how opponents view the forward.

For his part, Green simply said, “I just be me. If that’s annoying, great.”

Years later, it seems like the forward is still up to his old tricks, albeit while playing dominoes. Thankfully for Klay Thompson, his $60 million net worth is strong enough to absorb a few metaphorical kicks.

Contract information courtesy of Spotrac.