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The backup quarterback is often the favorite player of fans of losing NFL teams looking to jump-start the club. Kansas City Chiefs signal-caller Patrick Mahomes just reminded us of how badly Skip Bayless misfired a year ago in pumping up the backup quarterback of a winning team.

Unlike Bayless, Mahomes puts his trust in Matt Moore for all the right reasons.

Patrick Mahomes dropped more big news this week

Consecutive spectacular seasons and a Super Bowl 54 championship on the field mean that Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes makes news with almost anything he says or does off the field, too. So, it was no surprise that lots of people were talking about the quarterback’s big announcement this week.

Mahomes and longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews recently revealed their engagement. This week, they also announced that Matthews is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Naturally, that’s pretty exciting stuff for them, and it generated another round of stories in the press and on social media.

In fact, the development even briefly pushed chatter of the Chiefs’ next game to the back burner. And that’s not easy to do considering that next up for unbeaten Kansas City is a Week 4 home game against the 2-1 New England Patriots on Sunday. It’s not quite as captivating as Mahomes vs. Tom Brady, but Mahomes going head-to-head with Cam Newton is still a must-watch in any football fan’s estimation.

Patrick Mahomes puts his trust in Kansas City Chiefs backup Matt Moore

Once Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews made the big announcement that they’ll soon be parents, questions followed during his weekly media availability on Sept. 30.

“I’m just excited that I have a lot of great people around me and I’m in a great organization and I’m able to live out these dreams day by day,” Mahomes said.

One of the follow-up questions was an inquiry as to whom Mahomes would or wouldn’t feel comfortable calling upon as a babysitter. Travis Kelce, one of the most dependable tight ends in the league, didn’t make the cut.

“I can’t let Trav or anybody (babysit),” Mahomes said, according to ESPN. “You never know what would happen.”

On the other hand, backup quarterback Matt Moore would be suitable for Mahomes because he’s “responsible.”

Skip Bayless posted a silly tweet about Matt Moore

It says a lot about Patrick Mahomes that he’s so comfortable with and confident in backup QB Matt Moore, a 36-year-old journeyman with a grand total of seven starts in the past seven NFL seasons. Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs organization feel the same way.

Mahomes was off to a red-hot start – 10-for-11 with a touchdown pass – when he sustained a knee injury against the Denver Broncos in a mid-October game last season. Moore came in cold and finished out the 30-6 victory by going 10-for-19 with a TD. He then started the following two weeks and merely went 49-for-61 for 542 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions to beat the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

Apparently having run out of legitimate hot takes after the win vs. the Vikings, Fox Sports talking head Skip Bayless tweeted out this gem: “Matt Moore beats Kirk Cousins, as I predicted on Undisputed. I’m certainly not saying Moore is better than Mahomes. But the Chiefs are playing with more spirit and fight than they did for Mahomes, who lost his last two home games.”

Playing with more spirit? As if they were somehow going through the motions alongside a guy who was one of the three best quarterbacks in football at the time and is indisputably No. 1 now?