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It’s easy to be constantly overshadowed if the NBA’s most prolific shooter, Steph Curry, is your brother. That’s exactly the case for Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry. Seth is an elite shooter in his own right, but it’s his brother who regularly appears on the SportsCenter Top 10 Plays or in viral Twitter highlights nightly.

But this season, it’s Seth who’s on pace to make NBA history with his jump shot and accomplish something Steph has never done.

Seth Curry has always been overshadowed by his brother Steph

Dell Curry bred the original splash brothers when he brought his two sons, Steph and Seth, along with him everywhere he went during his lengthy NBA career. Both Curry brothers were destined for NBA greatness from the moment they could walk, and now they’re both living out their father’s dream in the league.

Steph, the oldest of the two, reached the NBA first in 2009 with the Golden State Warriors, and it didn’t take him long to stake his claim as one of the greatest shooters to ever live.

Now in his 12th season in the league, Steph has made over 2,600 threes and counting, which puts him in second behind only Ray Allen on the all-time list. He’s shooting 43.4% from beyond the arc and has over 17,000 career points in his career. Throw in six All-Star appearances, three NBA championships, a scoring title, and two MVP awards, and Steph already has himself a Hall-of-Fame resume.

Four years after Steph entered the league, Seth joined him in 2013. It took him a little longer to establish himself as a productive role player in the NBA, but he’s now considered one of the best spot-up shooters in the league.

In seven seasons as a pro, Seth is averaging 44.7% from deep, which is a full 1.3% better than his older brother. He’s made at least 113 threes in each of the last three seasons, and this year he’s been the most accurate long-range sniper in the NBA at 50.7% for the 76ers.

Seth Curry, not Steph Curry, is on pace to make NBA history this season

For NBA sharpshooters, the 50-40-90 club is the pinnacle of shooting performance everyone strives for. That is — 50% field goal percentage, 40% from three, and 90% from the free-throw line over the course of a full season.

Only eight players in NBA history are apart of the exclusive 50-40-90 club: Larry Bird, Mark Price, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Reggie Miller, Malcolm Brogdon, Kevin Durant, and, yes, Steph Curry.

Seth Curry hasn’t been able to join his older brother in the club quite yet, but he’s about to this year. In fact, he’s on pace to start his own exclusive club that no one in league history can be invited to. Not even Steph.

Through 18 games played this season, Seth is shooting 50.3% from the field, 50.7% from three, and — wait for it — 100% from the free-throw line on 30 attempts.

If those numbers hold, Seth will become the first player in NBA history to join the 50-50-100 club. No pressure on your next free throw, though, Seth.

The 76ers are legit title contenders with Seth Curry

The Philadelphia 76ers have been fringe NBA Finals contenders ever since they paired Joel Embiid with Ben Simmons. But there was always a secret ingredient missing from the recipe — an elite shooter to space the floor.

Enter Seth Curry.

With Curry in the lineup this season, the Sixers are 15-3. They haven’t lost a single game when their entire starting lineup suits up. At 18-7, the 76ers hold the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference by two games. If Embiid continues his MVP-level play and Curry continues to shoot lights out from distance, look out for Philly come playoff time.

All stats courtesy of Basketball Reference