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While the athletes themselves usually get the top billing, some media members can make quite a name for themselves. Skip Bayless, for better or worse, has become a household name among sports fans; even if you don’t agree with his takes, you probably know who he is and where he works.

Skip Bayless isn’t the only famous member of his family, though. While the Fox Sports host has made plenty of money as a member of the sports media, his brother has a case to be crowned the most interesting man in the world.

Skip Bayless followed a fairly standard road to the top

These days, Skip Bayless is simply part of the sports media landscape; whether you choose to engage with him or not, he’s there, doing his thing. The talking head, however, wasn’t always a fixture on national TV.

While the Bayless family were fixtures in the restaurant business, Skip had something else on his mind: sports. While he wasn’t the greatest athlete, he started writing columns for his school newspaper; that proved to be the start of something big.

After graduating from college, Bayless started out at the Miami Herald before moving west to take a job at the LA Times. He then relocated to Dallas, making a name for himself at the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Herald. During that time in Texas, he also started writing books, making TV appearances, and hosting a radio show.

Bayless’ time in Dallas eventually came to an end, but he found a home at the Chicago Tribune. In 2004, he officially made the move to ESPN; from there, the rest is history.

Finding fame and fortune on television

Once at ESPN, Skip Bayless used his background as a columnist to make a name for himself on the TV landscape. While that style hasn’t exactly made him popular, it has earned him quite a bit of cash.

Bayless started out debating Woody Paige on what was then called Cold Pizza; after the show was rebranded as First Take, it essentially became a televised debate between Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. While things have changed a bit—the analyst has moved to Fox Sports and now works alongside Shannon Sharpe—his general formula hasn’t changed.

While First Take-style shows that are centered around hot takes and insincere arguments might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they have brought Bayless quite a bit of success. Even if he’s not the most popular guy around, he’s pretty famous; he also reportedly earns multiple millions in salary each year and has a sizable net worth.

Skip Bayless has a pretty famous brother: celebrity chef Rick Bayless

Skip Bayless isn’t the only famous member of his family, though. His brother Rick is a celebrity chef with quite a resume in his own right.

Bayless specializes in Mexican cuisine and made a name for himself by hosting multiple PBS series on the topic. He’s since become a legitimate celebrity chef, opening numerous restaurants, claiming numerous awards, and winning Top Chef Masters; he’s also made plenty of appearances on the Food Network and was rumored to be in the running to serve as Barack Obama’s White House Executive Chef. While Bayless has denied the latter report, he did cook for the Obamas, both at his restaurant and at a state dinner.

As explained by Amy McKeever of Eater in 2014, Bayless also has a legitimate shot at being a real-life equivalent of ‘the most interesting man in the world.’ In addition to his culinary accomplishments, the chef is also an actor, a dancer, a skilled yoga practitioner, and can throw some legendary parties.

In the world of sports, Skip Bayless is his family’s top dog. When you look at the wider spectrum, though, his younger brother Rick Bayless is more than capable of holding his own.


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