Wide receivers from Ohio State

Which Schools Produce the Most Talented Wide Receivers?

Some college football programs just know how to produce NFL talent. From the notable quarterback factory at USC to Alabama’s knack for churning out star running backs, these schools have the right coaches and culture. But what about wide receivers? Which schools are the best at turning top recruits and hidden gems into valuable NFL …

Quarterback Jalen Hurts #1 congratulates half back Jeremiah Hall

2 Takeaways From Jalen Hurts’ Six-Touchdown Oklahoma Sooners Debut

On paper, there were plenty of reasons to believe that Jalen Hurts could thrive as the Oklahoma Sooners’ starting quarterback began. But even the most optimistic Jalen Hurts and Oklahoma Sooners fans could have drawn up a much better performance than the one that the senior quarterback put up in his Sooners debut on Sunday …