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It’s going to look pretty strange when Tom Brady puts on a new jersey with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But it’s also going to create some fun matchups on the 2020 NFL schedule.

When Tom Brady was healthy (he missed all but a few plays of the 2008 season), he won 16 consecutive AFC East titles. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t won the NFC South since 2007, which is also the last year they made the postseason. Perhaps the extra team in the 2020 postseason can help break that streak. Brady and the Patriots were 20-4 in divisional play the last four years. The Bucs were 9-15.

Being in the NFC South sets up some very intriguing matchups in the division. Tom Brady has played Drew Brees just three times since Brees joined the New Orleans Saints in 2006. They’ll face off twice in 2020. Brady will also have two games against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, who likely haven’t forgotten that Brady came back from a 28-3 deficit to beat then in the Super Bowl. And there are also two games against Cam Newton…err, Teddy Bridgewater…and the Carolina Panthers.

There are some very intriguing matchups for Brady and the Bucs outside the conference as well.

Who do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play at home in 2020?

With this maybe being the last year of the 16-game schedule, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play their usual eight home games at Raymond James Stadium, assuming nothing gets moved to London anyway. Tom Brady would likely be a big draw overseas as well. Here’s who the Bucs have at home in 2020.

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Carolina Panthers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Los Angeles Chargers

Look at the five non-conference matchups for Tom Brady and the Bucs. There’s a game with the Chargers, who thought they had a shot at No. 12 and didn’t make any kind of splash in the quarterback market. There’s Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. There’s Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings. There’s Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams. And, of course, there’s the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. Tampa Bay shouldn’t have had a problem selling tickets even before Tom Brady came on board.

Who do Brady and the Bucs have on the road?

The Buccaneers also have some interesting games away from Raymond James Stadium. Here’s who Tampa Bay plays on the road in 2020.

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Carolina Panthers
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Chicago Bears
  • Detroit Lions
  • New York Giants
  • Denver Broncos
  • Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders were one of the many teams linked to Tom Brady and it will be interesting to see how Raiders fans react when No. 12 comes to town. Two of Brady’s Super Bowl losses have come at the hands of the New York Giants, so that’s always fun. Another came at the hands of Nick Foles, who is now with the Chicago Bears. The Bucs will face a good young quarterback in Drew Lock when they visit the Denver Broncos and Tom Brady will face former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia when the Buccaneers visit the Detroit Lions.

When will the 2020 NFL schedule be released?

While all 32 NFL teams know which teams they’re playing this upcoming season, nobody knows yet when exactly those games will be played.

The NFL typically releases the full schedule in the third week of April. The 2019 schedule was released on April 17. With the chaos surrounding the sports world right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s difficult to say exactly when the 2020 NFL schedule will come out.