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Despite being a relatively new NFL franchise, the Baltimore Ravens have had their fair share of dynamic players. From defensive stalwarts like Ray Lewis to more modern stars like Lamar Jackson, the Charm City is no stranger to talent. Wide Receiver Torrey Smith might not have been all-time great, but he still put together a solid career.

Smith might have only spent eight seasons in the pros, but he still took home more than $30 million in salary. You won’t see the former wideout wearing a Rolex watch, though; he refuses to buy one for a very specific reason.

Torrey Smith’s NFL career

During his time in high school, Torrey Smith starred on the basketball court in addition to taking almost every skilled position available on the football field. While evaluated him as a dual-threat quarterback, Smith headed to the University of Maryland and suited up as a wide receiver.

After redshirting during his first year on campus, Smith burst onto the scene in 2008. While most of his yards came as a kick returner, his speed and athleticism were plain to see. The Terrapins coaching staff slowly polished their diamond in the rough, though; Smith’s production went from 336 receiving yards and two touchdowns as a freshman to 1,055 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns during his junior campaign. After that season, he entered the NFL draft.

The Ravens selected Smith in the second round, tapping him to be their deep threat. While it took the rookie a few games to find his feet, he didn’t disappoint. Smith spent four seasons in Baltimore, pulling in 213 receptions for 3,591 yards and 30 touchdowns; he also won a Super Bowl title during his time with the club. He then played two seasons in San Francisco, one with the Eagles—where he won another championship—and one with Panthers before calling it a career.

Retiring with more than $30 million in the bank

In September 2019, Torrey Smith retired from the NFL. After eight seasons of professional football, he was ready to move on to the next chapter of his life.

“Dear football, I knew this day would come, and to be completely honest, I’ve been preparing for it my entire career,” Smith in a video announcement on Twitter. “You and I both knew the game for me wouldn’t last forever. It’s the NFL circle of life, and I’m prepared for what’s next.”

But remember, football is what I did. It’s not who I am,” he continued. “I’m looking forward to using the platform you have given me to continue to serve my true purpose—changing my community for the better.”

While Smith’s time in the NFL was relatively brief, it was still profitable. According to, he earned $30,510,412 in salary during his professional career; that was enough to build what estimates to be a $20 million fortune.

Why Torrey Smith won’t buy a Rolex

Although Torrey Smith was never the brightest star in the NFL, he still put together a reputable career and earned plenty of money in the process. That doesn’t mean you’ll catch the former receiver driving a fancy car or rocking an expensive watch anytime soon.

“Someone hit me in my dms calling me broke because I don’t have a fancy car,” the receiver recently wrote on Twitter. “Financial literacy is one of my new life passions. I want to be able to teach it and not be selfish with what I know. Things have to change.”

While Smith listed four different reasons why he doesn’t care for fancy cars, everything boils down to one simple reality; the former receiver doesn’t want to flaunt his fortune, especially given his community activism.

“It’s the same reason why I will not buy a Rolex even though I love them,” he explained in a subsequent Twitter thread.” I don’t feel comfortable being around my family or any family that my struggle financially with a $40,000 watch on my wrist. That money could change their life. There is a time and place for everything.”

If you look at Torrey Smith’s Twitter bio, he lists plenty of titles, ranging from “Retired 2x Super Bowl Champ” to “Debator.” Based on his beliefs about cars and watches, though, he can safely add “good guy” to that resume.

All stats courtesy of Sports Reference and Pro Football Reference


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