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Jim Everett is the Rams’ all-time leader in passing yards, but he might be more famous for his violent takedown of Jim Rome on live television in 1994. Everett was a guest on Rome’s ESPN2 show, “Talk 2,” but a childish joke quickly turned into an on-air brawl. It remains today one of the most shocking sports talk show moments in TV history.

Jim Everett has the most passing yards in Rams’ history

When you think of the best Rams’ quarterbacks of all time, you probably go to names like Marc Bulger and Kurt Warner first. Both were legends in their own right, but neither QB holds the record for most passing yards in franchise history. That belongs to Jim Everett.

Everett threw for 23,758 yards and 142 touchdowns in eight seasons with the Rams. Even though he was the most prolific passer the franchise has ever seen, he’s not as well-known because of his underwhelming 46-59 record.

He did lead the Rams to a conference championship game in 1990, but the 49ers destroyed Everett’s team, 30-3. Everett passed for a career-high 4,310 yards that season. He also threw 29 touchdown passes.

Everett made one Pro Bowl in his 12-year NFL career. He was an above-average QB for many years, but his most memorable moment came from a hostile interview with Jim Rome in 1994.

Jim Everett and Jim Rome had beef with each other for years

The infamous fight on “Talk 2” didn’t just happen randomly. Everett and Rome had their differences far before they met on live TV that fateful day.

It all started when Rome began to refer to Jim Everett as Chris Everett. Rome thought Everett shied away from contact on the football field, so he likened him to female tennis player Chris Evert.

Rome called Everett by the name Chris for years. Every time he mentioned the QB on his show or any other medium, he would make the joke. Evidently, Everett caught wind of the joke and decided to confront Rome in front of the entire sports world.

Everett snapped on live TV and tackled Rome on his own show

On April 6, 1994, Everett appeared on Rome’s TV show, “Talk 2.” It was the first time the two spoke publicly since Rome started calling him Chris.

Rome wasted no time getting the joke off in front of Everett’s face. “Jim, good to have you on the show,” Rome started. “Check that, Chris Everett, good to have you on the show.”

Everett didn’t find it funny in the slightest, and the audience could tell the room became tense right away. It started as a playful jab by Rome, but Everett changed the mood quickly.

“We’re sitting here right now, and if you guys want to take a station break you can, but if you call me Chris Everett to my face one more time you better take a station break,” Everett said in a threatening tone.

Rome thought it was all in good fun, so he tested Everett with one simple word, “Chris.” That was the last straw for Everett, who jumped out of his chair and flipped the table separating the two before pouncing on the talk show host. Everett took him to the ground as crew members finally intervened.

Everett said years later the two never talked again. Maybe Rome realized that day Everett wasn’t as soft as he thought.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference


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