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When you think of golf, a respectful game bound by rules and a general sense of decorum probably springs to the front of your mind. Nailing a birdie, for example, won’t prompt a massive celebration or inspire a golfer to show up their opponent. Entering the 2021 Masters, however, Dustin Johnson may have an advantage thanks to Michael Jordan and his legendary trash talk.

While Dustin Johnson is already a talented golfer, he’ll be heading to Augusta National with an extra edge. According to his trainer, playing against His Airness has inspired the South Carolina-native to take his game even further.

Dustin Johnson is one of the top dogs on the PGA Tour

Dustin Johnson during a practice round ahead of the 2021 Masters at Augusta National.
Dustin Johnson hits a practice shot ahead of the 2021 Masters. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Ever since Tiger Woods began his decline, the PGA Tour has been hoping for a new superstar to pick up his mantle. While Dustin Johnson hasn’t quite reached that level of dominance, he’s certainly a talented golfer who can make things happen every time he steps on the course.

Early in his career, Johnson showed great potential but also struggled to deal with both the pressure of fame and fully devote himself to golf. Wayne Gretzky, however, stepped in to provide the golfer with some wisdom, and Johnson turned a corner.

Since the start of the 2016 campaign, Johnson has won 15 PGA Tour events, including two majors—the 2016 U.S. Open and the 2020 Masters—and the 2020 Tour Championship. He’s entering this year’s Masters as the top golfer in the Official World Golf Rankings and is enjoying one of the best stretches of his entire career.

Michael Jordan loves both golf and trash talk

It goes without saying that Michael Jordan did his best work on the hardwood. His Airness, however, isn’t a one-trick pony; he’s also a capable golfer and a legendary trash-talker.

In regard to the latter talent, MJ needed to win and had no problem doing whatever it took to gain a competitive edge. That meant engaging in verbal warfare with anyone who would listen. No one was safe; everyone from fellow members of the Chicago Bulls to Bill Clinton could feel Jordan’s wrath.

As for golf, His Airness first hit the links in college and continued playing throughout his career. He took things to the next level in retirement, though; MJ once told RSNG that he golfs “pretty much every day” and will play 36 holes at a time.

The NBA legend even has his own exclusive course, where he can play a round without having to worry about inconveniences like slow golfers or formal dress codes.

Dustin Johnson could have an advantage at the 2021 Masters thanks to Michael Jordan


Dustin Johnson Just Made Masters History With His Dominant Win at Augusta

Unsurprisingly, Michael Jordan has been known to trash-talk his opponents on the golf course. While that could be an annoyance during the round, it may actually give Dustin Johnson a leg-up heading into the Masters.

According to the BBC, Johnson has recently hit the course with Jordan; his trainer, Joey Diovisalvi, believes that will serve him well heading to Augusta.

“They love to trash talk and have their games, and I believe that actually gives Dustin more of a confident edge when it comes to tournament play,” Diovisalvi explained. “I think Dustin takes these little bits and pieces and then puts it in his head. He is confident to a degree where he doesn’t walk out arrogantly on a golf course but is always going to be someone who can tee it up and potentially put another ‘W’ in that column. I think he’ll play until he can’t do that anymore.”

Dustin Johnson is already a talented golfer. Having both Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan giving him a competitive edge, though, takes things to the next level.