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In the world of modern sports, few athletes are bigger than LeBron James. On the court, the LA Lakers star has established himself as an elite talent, capable of lifting multiple teams to the title; away from the hardwood, he’s also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and general pop culture presence.

Despite that impressive resume—not to mention incredible fortune—LeBron James still enjoys some simple indulgences. One of those is sugary breakfast cereals; he even immortalized his love of the snack with a pair of signature sneakers.

LeBron James has done just about everything possible, both on and off the court

By now, it’s almost impossible to imagine the NBA without LeBron James. That familiarity, however, shouldn’t cause anyone to overlook his talents.

James, of course, became a star at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School before jumping directly to the NBA. He joined his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers and became a star before controversially leaving town for Miami; he claimed two championships in South Florida, returned to the Cleveland to win his third, and recently won another ring with the Lakers. While no one, not even King James, can completely defeat Father Time, LeBron is still going strong at age 35.

James’ success, however, extends far beyond the basketball court. He has his own charitable foundation; it has helped send students to college and supports the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. LeBron has also become more and more involved in activism over the years, with his More Than a Vote campaign currently taking center stage.

Taking care of his body, with some notable exceptions

Thanks to his basketball and business success, LeBron James has plenty of money in the bank. As his on-court performance would lead you to believe, he spends a nice chunk of change on keeping himself in peak physical shape.

In total, LeBron reportedly spends about $1.5 million per year taking care of himself. That money goes toward a personal trainer, a biochemist, a masseuse, and everything else that an athlete might need to build muscle, rest, and recover.

James also spends plenty of time in the gym, has a detailed sleep routine, and follows an understandably healthy diet; he even went paleo for a time.

With all of that being said, though, LeBron is still a human being; even he’s known to enjoy some indulgences. According to a former teammate, the forward can’t resist big breakfasts, french toast, and desserts.

LeBron James loves Fruity Pebbles so much that he has a cereal-inspired sneaker

LeBron James’ breakfasts indulgences aren’t limited to omelets and french toast, though. The LA Lakers forward also loves sugary cereal, including Fruity Pebbles.

In a 2018 Instagram post, James wrote that “Fruity Pebbles is still one of my all time favorites.” The cereal, however, doesn’t only grace LeBron’s breakfast table.

Over the year, King James has rocked plenty of shoes on the court; few were sweeter, though than his LeBron 15s. Those sneakers came in two “Fruity Pebbles” colorways. “Inspired by LeBron James’ favorite breakfast cereal, the LeBron 15 ‘Fruity Pebbles’ were debuted on-foot by James during a February 2018 home game,’ Goat explained. “It features a bright multi-colored BattleKnit upper with white detailing on the tongue, heel collar, laces and pull tab.”

As the cliche says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For LeBron James, Fruity Pebbles are pretty important.