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Whether you remember him as a player or have only seen him as a TV analyst, Michael Irvin is never shy about speaking his mind. He isn’t even afraid of calling out his former employers and letting the Dallas Cowboys when they’ve fallen short of expectations.

Given the Cowboys’ abysmal 2020 campaign, it’s safe to say that Michael Irvin isn’t pleased with what he’s seeing. In fact, the former receiver recently took to the airwaves to declare that America’s Team could be the worst squad in the entire NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys 2020 campaign has been a disaster

For a team like the Dallas Cowboys, every season begins with high expectations. By anyone’s standards, however, the 2020 campaign has been a complete disaster.

While the Cowboys didn’t have a perfect offseason, it seemed like they had done enough to compete for the top spot in the weak NFC East. Jerry Jones couldn’t ink Dak Prescott to a long-term contract, but he kept the star quarterback around for another season; similarly, Mike McCarthy wasn’t a popular pick at head coach, but he should have been an improvement over Jason Garrett.

At the start of the year, Dallas’ offense was explosive; the team, however, was hamstrung by an awful defense. After Dak Prescott’s injury, though, things have crumbled.

Beyond the quarterback situation—Andy Dalton looks doubtful for Sunday, leaving Ben DiNucci to start—the Cowboys have started checking off every box on the ‘dysfunctional team’ bingo card. Anonymous reports of player discontent have reached the media, and Jerry Jones has started cleaning house. If that’s all happened in the first half of the season, things probably won’t be pretty down the stretch.

Michael Irvin calls out his former team

Michael Irvin, for better or worse, is no stranger to making headlines. While he used to do that with his on-field ability, he’s now in the spotlight as an NFL analyst.

Irving’s recent radio comments are sure to do just that. While no one is claiming that the Dallas Cowboys are a good team, the former receiver believes that they might be the worst squad in the entire NFL.

“I believe the Cowboys right now may be the worst team in the National Football League,” Irvin said on 95.7 The Game, according to Inside the Star. “I know the Jets haven’t won a game. Would you take the Cowboys over the Jets right now? How can anybody pick the Cowboys at any time when you see what’s happening right, especially what’s going on with that defense. I don’t even know how to explain this.”

Michael Irvin does make a good point about the Dallas Cowboys

As Michael Irvin correctly notes, the New York Jets are, on paper, probably a worse football team than the Dallas Cowboys. The former receiver, however, has a counterpoint for that argument.

“This is just an all-time low for my Cowboys,” Irvin continued. “It hurts. The difference is, I know the Jets look bad. But the Jets were expected to look bad. The Cowboys had people really thinking, including myself, that they were ready to be Super Bowl-bound, and they’ve been a Super bust.”

As any fan of a long-suffering team can confirm, Irvin is onto something: hope is a great thing, but it can also make each loss feel worse. Dallas Cowboys fans unfortunately will have probably experience plenty more losses before the season is out.


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