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If you’ve followed the Dallas Cowboys for any amount of time, you know that Jerry Jones is no stranger to making bad decisions. From feuding with Jimmy Johnson to trading for Roy Williams, the owner and general manager doesn’t exactly have an impressive track record. Hiring Mike McCarthy, however, looks like it could be one of his worst moves yet.

Through the first seven games of the 2020 campaign, Jerry Jones’ latest head coach hiring seems like an unmitigated disaster. According to some rumors out of Dallas, however, he might have had some help making that choice.

Jerry Jones seemingly hired Mike McCarthy out of nowhere

For years, Jerry Jones seemed wedded to the idea of Jason Garrett coaching the Dallas Cowboys. After a disappointing 2019 season, however, the two finally parted ways.

Declining to offer Garrett a contract extension was only half the equation, though; Jones needed to find a new head coach. At the time, there were two schools of thought: the Cowboys could either poach talented a coordinator, like Josh McDaniels, Eric Bieniemy, or Robert Saleh, or go for a big-name from the NCAA ranks like Urban Meyer or Lincoln Riley. Those expectations were reflected in the betting odds from the time, as documented by The Score.

Jones, of course, chose the third option and hired Mike McCarthy. Since their opening press conference, however, things have only gone downhill.

Mike McCarthy’s Dallas Cowboys have been a disaster

In recent years, the Dallas Cowboys have had an unfortunate habit of underperforming. Even the most pessimistic fans, however, wouldn’t have expected 2020 to turn into an unmitigated disaster.

When the season began, the Cowboys almost looked like two separate teams that had been awkwardly joined at the hip; the offense was explosive, and the defense was historically bad. Dak Prescott’s awful injury, however, has changed that.

With Andy Dalton under center, the Cowboys offense lost a step; if the backup quarterback can’t play due to a concussion, things will only get worse. Mike McCarthy’s issues, however, aren’t limited to the on-field performances.

In recent weeks, the Cowboys have become a walking stereotype of a team in disarray. Anonymous reports emerged that players weren’t happy with McCarthy and his staff; he responded by saying they should handle things like men. Jerry Jones is snapping at radio interviewers, players are being traded, and there aren’t signs of anything improving.

Jay Glazer might have inspired Jerry Jones to hire Mike McCarthy

As mentioned above, Mike McCarthy’s hiring came out of left field; while everyone knew he was available, he didn’t seem like a natural fit for the Cowboys. According to some rumors out of Dallas, however, one specific man may have helped Jerry Jones pick his head coach: NFL insider Jay Glazer.

“The rumor is that Jay Glazer got to Jerry somehow and recommended Mike McCarthy,” 105.3 The Fan host R.J. Choppy said on “The Zach Gelb Show,” according to “There’s some connection between McCarthy and Glazer. I don’t know if they go to the same gym – I have no [idea]. But that’s the rumor we have heard around here: that Glazer somehow got to Jerry and convinced him that McCarthy was the guy, and they went right to it.”

While Choppy noted that no one had confirmed the rumor, he did draw attention to a connection between Jones and Glazer.

“Every time we go to Oxnard [for training camp], the way the Cowboys field is set up, there’s two fields, and in the middle there’s a tower,” he continued. “No one is allowed in the tower, nobody but the Jones’ family – except for big-time celebrities . . . and Jay Glazer. Jay Glazer is there every year, and he is always up in that tower. You get any other national media member—you get Ian Rapoport, you get Adam Schefter—if they go out there, they are not in that tower. But Jay Glazer is in that tower.”

Again, there’s nothing more than rumors that suggest Jay Glazer played a role in Mike McCarthy joining the Dallas Cowboys. With that being said, though, listening to bad advice and setting the franchise back even further does sound like a classic Jerry Jones move.


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