Dwyane Wade pre-game

Dwyane Wade Remembers the Exact Moment He Learned how Crazy Kobe Bryant Was

The world unraveled in many ways after Kobe Bryant’s passing. The pandemic, and the resurgence of civil rights protests, affect politics, daily life, and even sports in very direct ways. As Milwaukee Bucks players engaged in what amounted to a wildcat strike, bringing the NBA playoffs to a screeching halt, it was clear that the …

NBA player Dwyane Wade

The 1 Thing Missing From Dwyane Wade’s NBA Career Is an MVP Award

Few NBA players can boast of the career of retired shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Entering the NBA with the 2003 draft class that also featured LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, Wade forged a surefire Hall of Fame career from the get-go. A scoring champion, eight-time All-NBA recipient, three-time NBA Champion, and one-time Finals MVP, Wade did a little bit …

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade exchange jerseys.

Why NBA Players Exchange Jerseys and Where It Started

Turn on the TV to watch any NBA contest these days and immediately following the game, especially if there’s a marquee player like LeBron James involved, you’ll see players exchanging their game jerseys. Why do they do this now and when and where did this trend start?  Exchanging jerseys started in soccer The tradition of …