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When you play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, you’re always in the spotlight. Dak Prescott has learned that firsthand this season. While analysts focus on the young signal-caller’s performances and contract situation, Prescott has also made the news for a different reason: his weird warm-up routine.

Prescott’s smooth moves may have blown up on social media, but one question remains. Why does the Dallas Cowboys quarterback actually warm up in such a weird way?

Dak Prescott’s strong statistical season

While Dak Prescott’s warm-up routine is stealing the show on social media, the Cowboys quarterback has actually been posting quite the season.

For all of the Cowboy’s inconsistency this year, Prescott has been a bright spot on offense. The quarterback has thrown for 3,778 yards and 23 touchdowns through the first 12 games of the season; he’ll easily set career highs in both categories. That’s all coming within an offensive scheme that prioritizes running the ball and controlling the clock whenever possible.

Despite those big numbers, Prescott isn’t resting on his laurels. With the Cowboys slumping, he’s pledged to do even more. “When it’s times like this, it’s more lead by example. Talk is cheap, right?” Prescott explained. “We’ve talked a lot. We’ve talked a bunch and got ourselves right to where we are. In a moment like this, I say hell with the talking and I’m going to do more. I’m going to work harder.”

What’s going on with Dak Prescott’s warm-up routine?

A few weeks ago, cameras captured Dak Prescott doing a unique warm-up activity before kick-off. While the quarterback had been following that same routine for years, the video went viral. Before long, the Cowboys were selling shirts referencing the clip, and Ezekiel Elliott did the “Dak Dance” in the end zone; New England Patriots’ receiver Randall Cobb even tried out the exercise himself.

While it seems goofy, the “dance” helps Prescott loosen up before each game. “It’s about your rotation,” the quarterback explained to ESPN’s Todd Archer. “It’s the disassociation of your left shoulder from your front hip. My front hip goes and I can hold my shoulder. When I bring my back hip, the right [shoulder] then comes. That’s all it is. It’s pretty much like a rubber band, I guess. I’m just warming up, getting it ready, getting the body flowing. Elasticity is one of the words I’m looking for. It’s really that.”

“All of this has allowed me to loosen up [my core],” Prescott continued. “It’s crazy different. I was always tight, muscular and I was kind of muscling the ball. Now what it’s allowed me to do is use my lower half, get that disassociation, and that’s why you see I have more pop on the ball throwing down the field and I’m throwing through the receivers now.”

Dancing straight to the bank

While Dak Prescott’s warm-up might look funny, the Cowboys quarterback will be laughing straight to the bank.

Prescott is currently in the final year of his rookie contract, which pays him an average of $680,848 each year. Given his performance this season and the going rate for high-end NFL quarterbacks, Prescott is in line for a massive payday this summer. Jerry Jones has pledged to get the deal done; when everything is wrapped up, he’ll probably be shelling out around $35 per season.

Dak Prescott might look a bit silly doing his “dance” before games but, the routine helps him perform at the highest level. At the end of the day, there’s nothing funny about that.