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Tom Brady was a sixth round draft pick out of college, but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Brady’s journey is a rare accomplishment, but there’s a QB from the 2020 NFL draft class who fits the same mold. That QB is Jake Fromm.

Jake Fromm’s draft story is eerily similar to Brady’s

Tom Brady and Jake Fromm had a ton in common heading into their respective draft days. Both went to a Power 5 school, both completed over 61 percent of their passes over their college careers, and both lost exactly five total games in their final two college years.

They both also finished their final seasons ranked in the top five of the AP Poll. Brady finished his college career by leading Michigan to an Orange Bowl victory, while Fromm led Georgia to a Sugar Bowl win.

Most importantly, both players dropped to the later rounds of the NFL draft. Brady was selected in the sixth round to the New England Patriots, and Fromm was just drafted in the fifth by the Buffalo Bills. Brady went on to become a six-time Super Bowl champion and one of the greatest QBs of all-time. Fromm’s story is just about to begin.

Fromm is entering a similar NFL situation to Brady

Fromm dropped to the fifth round in the 2020 NFL draft because of athleticism and arm strength. Sound familiar?

What’s also familiar is the situation Fromm is entering in Buffalo compared to what Brady went into with the Patriots. When Brady arrived in New England, the Patriots already had a franchise quarterback in place. Drew Bledsoe served as the Pats’ starter for seven years before Brady was drafted in 2000.

Brady was able to learn under Bledsoe for a full year. He had a full season to learn the NFL game, so he was prepared to jump into the starting role in 2001 when Bledsoe got hurt. Brady never looked back from there.

Similarly, Josh Allen is already the franchise QB in Buffalo, but his issues with accuracy and decision making are starting to make Bills fans question his reliability down the road. Allen hasn’t recorded a season with a completion percentage above 60 yet in his short NFL career.

Fromm will start his career as a backup, just like Brady. If Allen has another poor season as a thrower, however, Buffalo might seriously think of changing course. Fromm, after a year or two of improving and learning more about the pro game, could fill the starting role sooner rather than later.

Fromm is a winner, just like Brady

Only time will tell whether Jake Fromm gets his shot as a starter in the NFL, as Tom Brady did. It could even be as soon as this year if Allen gets hurt. Either way, the most important attribute Fromm possesses that could make him the next Brady is his will to win.

In his freshman season at Georgia, Fromm led the Bulldogs to a 13-2 record and a national championship appearance. Georgia lost to Alabama in overtime, but Fromm proved he was capable of leading a team to success at a young age.

All he did the next two seasons was lead Georgia to an 11-3 and a 12-2 record. Georgia never finished outside seventh in the AP Poll with Fromm at the helm.

His ability to win in college was even more impressive than Brady’s. If Fromm can channel that winning fire, learn as much as he can while waiting for his chance, and take advantage of his first opportunity, the sky is the limit for him.


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