What’s Derrick Rose’s Net Worth?

Despite his success in the NBA, there will always be the question of “what if” when it comes to Derrick Rose. After single seasons with the Knicks, Cavaliers, and Timberwolves, Detroit Pistons point guard Derrick Rose is finally getting settled after years of injuries that nearly ended his career. Let’s look back at his NBA career and how much money he was able to accumulate.

Derrick Rose’s NBA career

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Chicago native Rose was known as a “violent” point guard, explosive and athletic close to the net. The 2008 first round, number one draft pick by the Chicago Bulls was voted 2009 Rookie 1st Team and won the 2009 Rookie of the Year award.

Later he made the All-NBA 1st Team in 2011, including MVP. After three seasons with the Bulls, Rose’s fame soared despite the fact that he often struggled at the perimeter. With a 5-year, $94 million contract it seemed Derrick Rose’s career was etched in stone.

The plague of injuries

A 2012 ACL tear wasn’t the first injury that sidelined Rose. With just over a minute left in the fourth quarter of the Bull’s Game 1, first-round playoff, Rose came down hard in what looked to be a left knee injury. It turned out to be the dreaded ACL tear.

He came back for the 2013 season but tore the meniscus in his right knee. Rose had suffered 25 injuries by the 2015 season and missed 257 games. The Bulls adapted without him and racked up a 138-119 record which made people wonder if his career was on the skids.

Rose was traded by the Bulls to the Knicks in 2016, followed by stints with the Timberwolves then the Cavs in the two next seasons before being acquired by the Detroit Pistons last year.

Four teams in four years should’ve signaled that Derrick Rose’s career was indeed not only plagued by injuries, but over. Rose was never the same player as he was in those first three seasons and some question if his game would ever return.

But it looks like he gets to play the comeback kid in 2020. He’s been playing well for most of this season. Fans love getting a glimpse back to peak Derrick Rose. It looks like the Pistons are getting their money’s worth.

Defining Derrick Rose’s net worth

How do you define a career beset by injury? It doesn’t seem endorsements like Adidas are any issue. The 14-year contract is worth an estimated $185 million and doesn’t end until 2024.

As long as Rose doesn’t retire, he nets a cool $6.25 million guaranteed with a total $10 million-plus outlook annually. And that’s Adidas alone. It doesn’t count Powerade and other team bonuses.

Derrick Rose’s 2019 salary is just over $7.3 million with his Pistons two-year contract set at around $15 million. Forbes estimated that his total net worth, injuries and all, as $34.3 million back in 2017. With endorsements, it sure looks like Derrick Rose’s net worth is now defined by more than court time and a modest, by NBA standards, salary.

His worth by the financials still makes him one of the NBA’s power players. But that alone doesn’t define Derrick Rose. His fans stand fast with him and that also defines his worth. Both Rose and the Pistons can take that to the bank.