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When it comes to insider knowledge of the inner workings of the NFL, no one is more plugged in than Adam Schefter. So when the decorated ESPN reporter took to Twitter on Monday to deliver a stunning prediction about the NFL offseason, he raised more than a few eyebrows in the process.

After all, when the sports media star speaks, his words tend to come true. And if that’s the case this time around, a staggering number of NFL quarterbacks will have different homes in 2021.

Deshaun Watson isn’t the only NFL quarterback facing an uncertain future

NFL teams devote precious resources to find a franchise quarterback. Yet, even with Deshaun Watson in the fold, the Houston Texans may have to hit the reset button at the most important position in sports this offseason.

Of course, the organization only has itself to blame for its current predicament.

But while Watson’s future in Houston remains murky, he isn’t the only star NFL quarterback who could be on the move.

After the Green Bay Packers lost the NFC championship on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers certainly sounded like someone who knows he’ll be playing elsewhere sooner than later.

“A lot of guys’ futures, they’re uncertain—myself included,” Rodgers said after his latest playoff loss. “That’s what’s sad about it most. Obviously there’s going to be an end to it at some point, whether we make it past this or not. Just the uncertainty is tough and the finality of it all.”

Plus, a number of other signal-callers seem destined to find new homes this offseason.

Matthew Stafford and Jimmy Garoppolo will likely experience a change of scenery. Carson Wentz and Sam Darnold may have to resurrect their young careers elsewhere. Overall, there are a number of NFL teams that have to make major decisions about the quarterback position over the ensuing months.

Adam Schefter stunningly predicts at least 19 NFL teams will make the ultimate change this offseason

Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers deservedly demand a ton of attention as we head into the offseason. But the two superstar quarterbacks have a number of peers whose next touchdown pass could also come as a member of another NFL team.

In fact, Adam Schefter expects a significant number of franchises to make the ultimate change this offseason.

In a tweet he shared Monday afternoon, the longtime ESPN reporter said that about 10 quarterbacks are locked into starting jobs for the opening day of the 2021 NFL season.

“There is expected to be an unprecedented offseason of QB movement,” he wrote.

How much movement does Schefter anticipate?

After setting his over/under of teams changing quarterbacks at 18, he boldly took the over.

So if Schefter’s gut feeling turns out to be true, at least 19 NFL teams will feature new starting quarterbacks when Week 1 of the 2021 season rolls around.

That seems like a shockingly high number, especially considering there are 32 NFL franchises. Yet, when you take a closer look at the quarterbacks he listed, perhaps Schefter will look smart for taking the over after all.

Will the star ESPN reporter look like Nostradamus after the offseason concludes?

Predicting what NFL teams will do can be an impossible task. After all, did anyone envision the Texans trading DeAndre Hopkins for a washed-up running back and a second-round pick? Or how about the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round with Wentz already on the roster?

So when it comes to the quarterback position, it can be difficult to determine what direction a franchise will take.

Adam Schefter clearly believes that at least 19 NFL teams will make the ultimate change and start a new signal-caller under center next season. So he will look like Nostradamus?

In the AFC, the New England Patriots will assuredly have a new quarterback atop their depth chart. Ditto for the Indianapolis Colts, who just lost Philip Rivers to retirement.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will soon make Trevor Lawrence the new face of their bumbling franchise. Don’t be surprised if the Las Vegas Raiders upgrade over Derek Carr. And we still have to see what the Pittsburgh Steelers do about Ben Roethlisberger and his contract.

Moving to the other conference, the entire NFC East could undergo massive changes this offseason. Will Daniel Jones face competition for his starting job? What will the Washington Football Team do with Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke? Can Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys come to an agreement on a contract extension?

The NFC North should experience some significant turnover at the quarterback position, too. Stafford will certainly take over another team in 2021. Mitch Trubisky may have thrown his final pass for the Chicago Bears. Of course, the Rodgers situation also bears watching.

Down in the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers have to land a franchise quarterback via the 2021 NFL draft. And with Drew Brees retiring, the New Orleans Saints will no longer have No. 9 atop their depth chart.

Although the NFC West shouldn’t see too much turnover, the San Francisco 49ers will likely explore a different option than Garoppolo given his injury history.

Overall, it’s clear that a number of NFL teams will feature new starting quarterbacks in 2021. But will 19 franchises make the ultimate change this offseason?

At least one NFL expert thinks so.

And when Adam Schefter puts his name on it, you can typically take it to the bank.

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