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Tom Brady played just one game with Antonio Brown with the New England Patriots. Yet, he has spent the last year or so sticking his neck out for his former teammate.

From calling on Tony Robbins to letting Brown live at his house, Brady has gone to great lengths to save the enigmatic receiver’s NFL career. Unfortunately for TB12, AB has already given him a reason to regret bringing him to Tampa.

Tom Brady has been a big believer in Antonio Brown

In desperate need of help at wide receiver, the Patriots signed Antonio Brown last season. Of course, that came after the seven-time Pro Bowler shot his way out of Las Vegas.

Tom Brady finally got the weapon he had been missing, and it appeared New England had shored up a major hole on its roster. Yet, Brown played just one game for the Patriots before allegations of sexual assault emerged. Bill Belichick swiftly released his quarterback’s new target.

Brown remained in the headlines over the ensuing months. Surprisingly, all of his personal and legal drama did little to deter Brady’s support. The two continued to interact publicly via social media, which only fueled speculation about a possible reunion between the two superstars.

And once Brady took his talents to Tampa, that gave him the chance to make that happen. Although head coach Bruce Arians had previously said the Buccaneers wouldn’t sign Brown, he ultimately had to put his foot in his mouth.

Arians may have said Brady had nothing to do with the signing, but everyone knows who really runs things in Tampa. And so, after months of publicly supporting his friend, the greatest quarterback of all time got his wish and Antonio Brown found a new NFL home.

The Buccaneers WR is at the center of another bizarre incident

Antonio Brown hasn’t made much noise on the field since making his NFL return. In two games, the 32-year-old has caught 10 passes for 100 yards and zero touchdowns.

Apparently, though, AB made quite a bit of noise a few weeks prior to signing a one-year contract with the Buccaneers. In fact, the latest allegations made against the NFL star include another incident in which Brown supposedly lost his temper and got physical.

According to a police report obtained by the Miami Herald, Brown was accused last month of “angrily destroying a surveillance camera” at the Hollywood-based gated community where he lives. In addition, he allegedly threw a bicycle at a security-guard shack.

The incident could have resulted in misdemeanor criminal mischief charges. In fact, Hollywood police had probable cause to charge Brown. However, the homeowners association president declined to press charges because she feared Brown could retaliate against her employees, according to the report.

So far, these allegations have not changed his job status. The Buccaneers still have him on their roster. According to ESPN, Bruce Arians told reporters Thursday that the team was aware of the incident before signing Brown and that he’s been “a model citizen.”

But for Tom Brady, this latest alleged incident involving his friend should give him reason to regret bringing AB to Tampa.

Will TB12 regret bringing AB to Tampa?

There’s no doubt Antonio Brown belongs in the NFL from a talent perspective. When you factor in his character concerns, however, the equation changes. Strangely, though, Tom Brady—who has preached about positivity for years—has put his full-fledged support behind a person who seems clouded in negative energy.

On one hand, it’s easy to see why the 43-year-old quarterback may be willing to overlook Brown’s faults. After all, Brady grew tired of not having reliable weapons in his final years in New England. Since joining the Buccaneers, he has managed to coax Rob Gronkowski out of retirement and found a way to convince management to sign off on AB.

But just because Brady has a cast of stars around him doesn’t mean he should feel comfortable about the situation. Brown is already dealing with a much more serious legal matter than smashing a camera and throwing a bicycle. His ongoing civil rape case could lead to much more significant consequences than getting suspended from the NFL again.

This latest alleged incident only strengthens the case against Brown being back in the NFL. If he cannot respect the law, why should he be allowed to earn millions of dollars to catch passes for a living?

Once again, Antonio Brown has put himself in hot water…even if this incident allegedly occurred over a month ago. Tom Brady better hope AB stays out of trouble the rest of the season. Because if he fails to do so, Brady will look foolish for putting his faith in him.

And you can bet the six-time Super Bowl champion will regret saving his friend’s career if it costs the Buccaneers a title.

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