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The Dallas Cowboys 2020 season will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, Cowboys fans have watched one player after another suffer injury, including multiple season-ending injuries, most notably, Dak Prescott’s against the New York Giants.

Adding insult to injury, the team has struggled to a disappointing 2-7 record. The defense has been one of the NFL’s worst throughout most of the season. Despite such a disastrous season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones surprised the hosts on his weekly radio appearance with some good news about the team and how it’s leading the NFL and nation in this one area. 

Dallas Cowboys’ 2020 season is one to forget

Just over halfway through the 2020 NFL season and the Dallas Cowboys have had a season they’d like to forget. The team’s 2-7 record, which could easily be 1-8 had it not been for a complete lapse of judgment by the Atlanta Falcons special teams, accurately reflects a season that no one was expecting.

After the firing of head coach Jason Garrett and subsequent hiring of his replacement, Super Bowl-winning coach Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys and their fans had big expectations for the 2020 season. Those hopes were soon grounded in reality as the defeats continued to mount week after week, despite quarterback Dak Prescott putting up offensive numbers at a record-setting pace.

When Prescott suffered a season-ending injury in October against the Giants, any slim hopes of the Dallas Cowboys turning things around and making the postseason went down with him. While the team played better in its latest contest against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, the end result was still the same.  

Jerry Jones has expressed frustration with Dallas Cowboys season 

In October, as losses added up, behind the scenes, tensions unsurprisingly flared up in the Dallas Cowboys’ locker room. Players began voicing their concerns over the coaches and their leadership with the media. During one of Jerry Jones’ weekly appearances on 105.3 The Fan, one of the show hosts asked the owner about the rumors. 

“Did you really think it (the report) has any credibility?” Jones asked. After a pause, he continued. “It has none. Certainly if you’re sitting here trying to make a decision on it. It might be news fodder rolled out around here that might entertain me and others. Do you think that has any credibility to me that somebody wrote anonymously?”

The following week, Jerry Jones made another appearance and grew even more agitated when asked about the leadership of the Dallas Cowboys. At one point Jones told the show hosts to “shut up and let me answer.” He later apologized for the outburst. 

Jerry Jones announces club is tops in attendance

While Jerry Jones and his frustration for such a lackluster season are understandable, it’s not all bad. In his most recent radio interview, Jones offered a bright spot to the Dallas Cowboys season. He said last weekend’s contest against the Steelers featured the highest attendance of any event held anywhere in the nation since the pandemic began in March.

“What we’re experiencing is these big places with open spaces are having success with their crowds. We lead the country in attendance for our ballgames. We’re leading everyone and significantly so,” Jones said. “That was the record for the year that we did out there on Sunday for the country.” 

According to the NFL, 31,700 fans attended the game. After five home contests, the Cowboys are averaging 25,750 per game, or around 25 percent of AT&T Stadium’s capacity. Jones said the reason is simple. That stadium is proven safe and fans know that.

“It has everything to do with our facility. We have air circulation in that facility that’s three or four times the standards of operating rooms. And the circulation in the stadium, especially with your roof and doors open, we are not only fitting the guidelines, we’re also enjoying a very safe experience for our fans out there.”

Jerry Jones is first and foremost a businessman. He understands in a season when there’s nothing to brag about on the field, having fans in the seats is important because that affects the bottom line. And if Dallas Cowboys fans have learned anything through the years, Jones cares about the bottom line way more than he cares about winning football games. 


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