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Patrick Mahomes suffered a brutal beatdown at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55. However, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar wasn’t the only one in the spotlight that night.

His fiance, Brittany Matthews, was, too.

Based on her Twitter attack on ESPN, Matthews felt the pain on social media as her future husband experienced a painful defeat against Tom Brady.

The Buccaneers made life absolutely miserable for Patrick Mahomes

Ever since he took over as Kansas City’s starting quarterback in 2018, Patrick Mahomes has been the best player in the NFL. Capable of making throws from anywhere on the field, the former Texas Tech standout has made even elite defenses look ordinary.

Coming off another brilliant season, the 25-year-old looked to topple Tom Brady in Super Bowl 55.

However, the Buccaneers ensured that their new quarterback will remain the GOAT until the end of time.

Playing behind an injury-ravaged offensive line, Mahomes did his best to extend plays with his legs. Unfortunately for Brittany Matthews’ future husband, he came up well short of winning his second Super Bowl title in as many seasons.

Tampa’s front seven applied consistent pressure on the league’s biggest star, which caused visible frustration for the Chiefs’ star-studded offense.

Mahomes only completed 26-of-49 attempts for 270 yards. Shockingly, he didn’t throw a single touchdown pass. He did, however, toss two interceptions in a lopsided 31-9 loss. He absorbed three sacks and got pressured more times than any quarterback in Super Bowl history.

Brittany Matthews launches an overblown Twitter attack on ESPN

During the early part of the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 55, ESPN sent out a tweet (with no message included) of Patrick Mahomes’ frustrated face.

With the game clock at 2:38, the official SportsCenter account posted a similar tweet of Mahomes looking disheartened.

Although neither tweet included a single word, Brittany Matthews took issue with how ESPN portrayed her fiance.

In response to the first tweet, she wrote, “Cool ESPN, love the support of a major sports platform for one of the best players in the league…”

Her tweet also included five corn emojis followed by “yyyy.”

She also went off about the second tweet.

“Y’all are [trash emoji] for this too, but he looks damn good to me,” she wrote, followed by heart eye and fire emojis.

Matthews’ attack on ESPN was her way of sticking up for her future husband, but it might have been a tad overblown. Sure, she wanted to see her fiance win his second Super Bowl ring. But the four-letter network routinely posts photos similar to those of Mahomes as a way to tell the story of the game.

The fact of the matter is Mahomes and the Chiefs struggled against the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Even Tom Brady has experienced defeat in the biggest game of the season. In the end, the Chiefs and their star quarterback simply fell victim to a better team.

Will the Chiefs superstar avenge his Super Bowl loss next season?

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews would probably like to forget everything that happened in Super Bowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium. Swallowing the pill of defeat will be difficult, but it’s not as if he’s the only star quarterback to suffer a lopsided loss in the Super Bowl.

Don’t forget that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers got held to 10 points in Super Bowl 50. And in Super Bowl 48, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos only put up eight points against the Seattle Seahawks.

Just because Super Bowl 55 didn’t end with the Chiefs hoisting the Lombardi Trophy doesn’t mean their dynasty dreams are dead. They still possess a fantastic roster teeming with young and veteran talent.

In fact, if Kansas City had its offensive line in tact, the game could have easily swung in the other direction.

Looking ahead, the Chiefs should still enter the 2021 season as the favorites to win the AFC. The team boasts a deep array of weapons to go along with the most talented quarterback in football.

But as Matthews discovered on Sunday, it takes more than flashy playmakers to win a championship.

All statistics courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

[Note: This article has been edited to more fairly and accurately describe Brittany Matthews’ Twitter reaction to ESPN during Super Bowl 55.]


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