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Brett Favre got paid handsomely to throw a football. The first player in NFL history to score a $100 million contract also happens to be an avid golfer. And while he doesn’t collect paychecks for it, the Green Bay Packers legend can be seen swinging his clubs at tournaments around the world. Recently, Favre faced social media backlash for golfing with Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the NFL icon delivered a strong statement on the president’s golf game. His assessment of Trump’s skills both on and off the course may raise some eyebrows.

Brett Favre definitely knows more about football than golf

While Brett Favre has played plenty of golf over the years, he became a household name for his accomplishments on the football field. Widely viewed as one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history, the rocket-armed gunslinger put together a Hall of Fame resume over the course of two decades.

Though the Atlanta Falcons drafted Favre, he attempted just four passes for the NFC South squad. The Packers traded for the talented but enigmatic quarterback prospect. That decision altered the course of NFL history.

For 16 years, Favre provided Packers fans with plenty of excitement. He became the only player in history to win three straight NFL MVP awards. The Mississippi native also won a Super Bowl ring and earned 11 Pro Bowl selections.

Of course, the end of Favre’s career didn’t go so smoothly. He failed miserably in his only season with the New York Jets. And after an MVP-caliber campaign in his first year in Minnesota, Favre failed to stay healthy in his second season with the Vikings.

Still, he retired as one of the greatest players in NFL history. Since hanging up his helmet for the final time, Favre has spent plenty of time on various golf courses. He hosts an annual golf tournament through his Brett Favre Fourward Foundation. He has even golfed with Aaron Rodgers in the Bahamas.

Favre drew criticism for golfing with Donald Trump

While golfing with his replacement seems surprising in its own right, Brett Favre drew much more attention for a recent outing with Donald Trump. The president invited the NFL legend to tee off at his National Golf Club, which is located in Bedminster, N.J. The July 25 outing resulted in a photo emerging of the two recognizable figures.

Immediately, some people started scorning Favre on social media. Though he did not make any political statement, the mere association with such a polarizing figure as Trump resulted in Favre getting blasted for his decision to golf with the president.

Nearly two weeks have passed since that outing at the National Golf Club. And on Thursday, Brett Favre delivered a strong statement on the president’s golf game. It turns out that Donald Trump may be more athletically gifted than most people would expect.

The NFL legend delivered a strong statement on Trump’s golf game

Based on his assessment of Donald Trump to Fox News, perhaps Brett Favre could carve out a career as a golf scout. The 50-year-old former NFL star described the July 25 golf outing an “awesome experience” and relayed that he was “very impressed” with the president’s skills on the green.

“We had a couple of holes where we picked up, no score was penciled in, but for the most part, he can play,” Favre said. “He hits the ball very good and I’ll also tell you this, he’s a fast golfer. There was times I had a 140-yard shot and he’s up there at the green with his putter, ready to go.”

While Favre has drawn criticism for his recent golf trip, he clarified that no political talk occurred. He even went so far as to say that he would golf with presidents who do not hail from the same political party as Trump.

“He was as nice and engaging as he possibly could be, considering what type of stress he’s under,” Favre said in an interview with Fox News. “But I’ll say this: I respect the office of the president of the United States, regardless of who’s in office. Had Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, anybody during my era, had they asked me to play golf, I certainly would have jumped at the opportunity, simply because regardless of what they believe in, just to be asked is an honor.”

Ultimately, Brett Favre may have lost a few fans over the incident. However, golf aficionados will appreciate his inside scouting report on Donald Trump’s golf game. Remember: Practice makes perfect.


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