Floyd Mayweather Earned $915 Million in a Decade but Worries About Nickels and Dimes

Having long ago run out of real challenges in the boxing ring – sorry, but that whole Conor McGregor soiree was an excuse to print money rather than an actual threat to his undefeated record – Floyd Mayweather Jr. is looking for a new world to conquer.

He needs you and about a thousand other fans to make it happen so that he can add $1 million more to the many millions of dollars he has in the bank.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. already has an enormous net worth

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has expensive tastes, having splurged on mansions in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and paid $18 million for a watch. But the undefeated boxing champion has also paid for the funeral of a former fighter’s wife and helped feed the homeless in Las Vegas.

That’s all been made possible by Mayweather being flawless in 50 bouts in the ring while having a knack for marketing and promotion. Forbes says he made $915 million in the past decade, dwarfing even money machines like Tiger Woods and LeBron James.

Celebrity Net Worth puts Floyd Mayweather’s net worth at $560 million or more. Investopedia is more bullish, saying he could be worth $1 billion despite not having fought a meaningful bout since beating Conor McGregor in August 2017.

And now he’s angling for ways to add another million or so to that billion through a couple of partnerships.

You can speak with Floyd Mayweather via video chat

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Have you ever wanted to sit down and chat with a star athlete? Floyd Mayweather Jr. is offering just such an opportunity in conjunction with Fanmio.com, which bills itself as “a whole new way to meet your heroes.”

For instance, the top-of-the-line experience with actor John Cleese gets fans a 1-on-1 video meet-and-greet (which will be saved as a downloadable video), an autographed photo,  an exclusive T-shirt and access to Cleese’s live talk about his life and career.

The price for the John Cleese “gold package” is $299.99, which is “junior varsity” by Floyd Mayweather’s standards. The cheapest package for the unbeaten boxing champion is $64.99, which entitles the buyer to a T-shirt and a shot at one of three video meet-and-greet sessions drawn at random.

The next step up is a $499.99 package that guarantees the video meet-and-greet. Tack $500 onto that and get a longer live video session plus an “ultra-premium” shirt made with real gold print.

The “Ultimate Floyd Mayweather Package” retails for $1,499.99 and adds a limited-edition lithograph set signed by him.

And yet another way to make a few bucks

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Floyd Mayweather wants to be the first celebrity to make $1 million on Cameo.com, and he’s going to try doing it in typical Floyd Mayweather fashion. He’s priced himself as the most expensive personality on Cameo, which gives fans the opportunity to have athletes and entertainers record personalized video messages such as birthday greetings or promoting businesses.

Former women’s soccer star Mia Hamm charges $125 for her messages. Retired NFL stars Brett Favre and Ray Lewis are available for $300 apiece, twice what Brian Bosworth charges. NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar pulls down $500 per message.

And then there’s Mayweather. He joined the site this week and plans to make his $1 million with Cameo by charging $999 a pop, whether it’s a birthday greeting, a plug for a business, or sharing a favorite memory about a fight.

“I want to be the first celebrity to make a million dollars on Cameo,” Floyd said.