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For all of his wealth and power, Jerry Jones isn’t the most popular man in the NFL. He, of course, serves as the Dallas Cowboys general manager in addition to owning the club; that position gives him a license to make plenty of questionable personnel decisions. One of those moves, however, had nothing to do with the action on the field.

While Jerry Jones’ daughter, Charlotte, also works for the Cowboys, her last name hasn’t brought her any job security. In fact, her own father has fired her on two separate occasions.

Jerry Jones path to becoming the NFL’s most powerful owner

If you’re an NFL fan, you’re probably used to seeing Jerry Jones clad in blue and watching his Dallas Cowboys. His football career, however, started out in a different color.

As you might assume from his current calling, Jones grew up playing football. After high school, he headed to the University of Arkansas and slotted into Razorbacks’ offensive line; by the time he graduated, Jerry had become a co-captain of the squad and claimed the 1964 national championship.

After graduation, Jones would temporarily leave football behind and try to make his name as an entrepreneur. With a loan from the Teamsters Union, he decided to open some Shakey’s Pizza restaurants; that business venture, however, would ultimately fail. He also tried to buy the San Diego Chargers but wasn’t able to seal the deal.

While Jones found a job at Modern Security Life Insurance, he wasn’t destined for the life of a desk jockey. He eventually struck out on his own, founding Jones Oil and Land Lease; he started wildcatting, struck it rich, and used that wealth to buy the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have made the Jones family incredibly wealthy

As any Dallas Cowboys fan can tell you, Jerry Jones’ time at the helm has been a mixed bag; while the team won three Super Bowls under his watch, the owner’s hands-on approach has been more trouble than it’s worth. From a financial perspective, though, Jones has hit the jackpot.

When Jones bought the Cowboys from Bum Bright, the team was in dire straits; according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, it was losing $1 million each month. While some of the initial changes, like firing Tom Landry and replacing him with Jimmy Johnson, raised eyebrows, they (literally) paid off.

In 1989, Jones spent $140 million, plus interest on some sizable loans, buying the Dallas Cowboys. Today, Forbes pegs the club’s value at $5 billion; the publication also estimates Jones’ personal net worth at $8.1 billion.

Jerry Jones has fired his daughter on two separate occasions

While Jerry Jones might be the main man in Big D, he’s not the only member of his family working for the football club. His three children, Jerry Jr., Stephen, and Charlotte, all hold various positions in the Cowboys organization.

As Charlotte learned, however, working with family isn’t always easy. “I’ve been fired twice over budget issues, and it was because I didn’t spend enough,” she explained on Today. “It didn’t last long.”

The latter part of that statement is definitely true. Charlotte Jones still works for the Dallas Cowboys; according to her biography on the club’s official website, she currently serves as an executive vice president and the chief brand officer. She also is the president of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and has been the chairman of the NFL Foundation since 2012.


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