Could the Dallas Cowboys Really Replace Jason Garrett with Bill Belichick?

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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a possible candidate to take over the Dallas Cowboys.

While everyone dreams of job security, it’s especially hard to come by for NFL coaches. Given the high stakes and competitive nature of the job, firings are an unfortunate reality of life; a two-time coach of the year has already gotten the ax this season. Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is also on the hot seat, with everyone from big names like Bill Belichick to up and comers like Greg Roman being linked to the job.

While Garrett seems safe in his role until the offseason, speculation over the Cowboys’ next coach keeps heating up. Could Bill Belichick really leave New England and take over in Dallas?

Jason Garrett is running out of time with the Cowboys

During the offseason, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opened up his checkbook and signed plenty of contracts. The one notable exception, however, was Jason Garrett; despite entering the final year of his deal, the head coach didn’t have a chance to sign on the dotted line.

While that was an auspicious start to the season, things have only gotten worse. As the Cowboys have crumbled on the field, fingers have started pointing towards their head coach. While the team is clearly talented, things just aren’t working on Sundays.

Jerry Jones hasn’t helped the situation, either. With each passing week, the owner seems to make a new comment about his head coach; he’s seemed to offer support, then put Garrett on notice, then claimed that no coaching change is imminent, all within the past few weeks. No matter what the flavor of the week is in Dallas, though, it’s unlikely that the Cowboys will start next season with Garrett at the helm.

How the Cowboys could have landed Bill Belichick

While Bill Belichick has become synonymous with the New England Patriots, he wasn’t always an iconic coach. In fact, in 1995, he was unemployed and looking for a job.

After being fired by the Cleveland Browns, Belichick ran into Jerry Jones at a ski resort. While the two men share slightly different versions of the encounter, Belichick took advantage of the opportunity to do a little networking. “I can coach,” he reportedly told Jones. “If you ever get an opportunity, don’t forget about me.”

While the rest of the story is history, the two still hold each other in high regard. Jones has acknowledged Belichick’s greatness and hasn’t forgotten that chance encounter; on the other side of the equation, the Patriots coach respects Jones’ desire to win. Based on that relationship, could a reunion be on the cards?

Would Bill Belichick ever work for Jerry Jones?

Cowboys insider Mike Fisher recently reported that, if the team has to hire a new head coach, the search will start from the top. Coaching in Dallas is theoretically a marquee job, so the Cowboys would approach all of the big names and gauge their interest. In the world of football coaches, few names are bigger than Bill Belichick.

While working with the Cowboys talented roster could be tempting, it’s hard to imagine Bill Belichick leaving New England anytime soon. Beyond the human element—the head coach has spent nearly two decades with the Patriots and works alongside his two sons—there’s another factor that would probably prevent a move to Dallas: control. Bill Belichick is a coach who does things his own way; the Patriots understand that and have given him virtually complete control over football operations. In Texas, however, Jerry Jones is calling the shots as general manager.

When push comes to shove, Bill Belichick probably isn’t going to coach the Cowboys. Dallas is Jerry Jones’ world; not everyone is willing to live in it.