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Although they don’t make as much money as the big-name players, NFL coaches still command a sizable salary. Thanks to his impressive track record and recent Super Bowl win, Andy Reid is no exception to that rule. Big Red was already one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL; his contract extension will only solidify that status.

While Reid has reaped the financial rewards of that success—he’s worth an estimated $25 million—he’s still driving a pretty old car. In fact, the veteran NFL coach still takes the wheel of a vintage vehicle that his father bought for $25 sometime in the 1940s.

Andy Reid’s successful coaching career

These days, Andy Reid is simply part of the NFL landscape. He hasn’t always been calling plays at the highest level, though.

After playing his college ball at BYU, Reid decided that his future was on the sidelines, rather than on the gridiron itself. He stayed on campus, spending a season as a graduate assistant before striking out on his own; Big Red would pay his dues at San Francisco State, Northern Arizona, UTEP, and Missouri before getting a shot at the pros.

In 1992, Reid joined the Green Bay Packers as an offensive assistant and started climbing up the organizational ladder. He eventually rose as high as assistant head coach; along the way, he earned a Super Bowl ring and established a reputation as a well-respected offensive mastermind.

That reputation would be put to the test in 1999 when Big Red took over as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach. While he couldn’t bring a Lombardi Trophy back to the City of Brotherly Love, Reid was still a massive success as he transformed the club into a perennial playoff team.

In Kansas City, however, Reid has taken his legacy to the next level. He arrived in town when the Chiefs were at their lowest; now, he’s heading the NFL’s most exciting offense, finally won his first Super Bowl title, and seems poised to make at least a few more runs at the title.

Big Red has done pretty well for himself from a financial perspective

When you’ve been doing a single job for more than 20 years, you build up plenty of seniority. For Andy Reid, that reality has helped him build up a nice bottom line.

Although coaching salaries aren’t usually made public, it’s safe to assume that Reid commands a sizable paycheck. When he came to Kansas City, Big Red reportedly earned $7.5 million per season; he then signed a new contract in 2018, which presumably carried some of a raise.

Similarly, Reid’s new extension—according to Tom Pelissero, the Chiefs are looking to sign both the coach and general manager Brett Veach to six-year deals—should bump his salary up even more, especially given his Super Bowl success.

The veteran coach has also built up a nice fortune over the years. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Reid has an estimated $25 million in total assets. If he keeps coaching for another decade, that number will only continue to rise.

Andy Reid still drives an old car that his father bought for $25

With millions of dollars in the bank, Andy Reid could drive virtually any car that he wanted. The veteran coach, however, prefers to keep things old school.

As detailed on a video on the Kansas City Chiefs website, Reid still has a 1920s Ford Model A that his father bought “after [World War II] for $25.” He inherited the car when his dad died and, during his time in Green Bay, had it fully restored. According to a 2014 story in the Kansas City Star, the coach “still takes it out every so often for a nostalgic spin.”

Obviously, the car would be worth a bit more than $25 today, and it’s not serving as a day-to-day workhorse. Andy Reid, however, isn’t too concerned with having the finest things in life. By all accounts, the veteran coach is a pretty humble guy; even with a new contract, you’re not going to see him rolling up to practice in an Escalade or Lamborghini anytime soon.