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While the next group of stars may be stealing the spotlight, the previous generation of NFL quarterbacks isn’t done yet. Tom Brady is the leader of that pack, but he’s not the only talent; Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are still legitimate stars, even in the twilights of their respective careers.

During their time in the NFL, both quarterbacks have piled up plenty of passing yards, lifted the Lombardi Trophy, and earned a great deal of money. Does Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees have the larger net worth?

Aaron Rodgers overcame a rough start to become an NFL star

Based on Aaron Rodgers’ professional success, it’s easy to assume that he was always a star. Coming through the amateur ranks, however, the quarterback didn’t have the easiest road to the top.

Despite a promising high school career, Rodgers didn’t catch the eye of any big-time NCAA programs; without many alternatives, the quarterback headed to Butte Community College. While that might have seemed like a dead-end decision, it proved to be the right move.

After a season at the junior college level, Rodgers impressed the Cal coaching staff; he promptly transferred and slotted in as the Golden Bears’ starting quarterback. He threw for 5,469 yards and 43 touchdowns during two Pac-10 campaigns before entering into the 2005 NFL draft.

Heading into the draft, however, some scouts questioned Rodgers’ ability to adjust to the professional game; ultimately, it seemed like plenty of teams shared those concerns. On the big night, the quarterback sat in the green room for hours, ultimately joining the Packers as the 24th-overall pick.

Despite those hiccups and starting his pro career behind a living legend in Brett Favre, Rodgers has been nothing short of an NFL success. While his days in Green Bay seem to be numbered, the quarterback has thrown for almost 47,000 yards and 364 touchdowns, won two MVP awards, and lifted the Lombardi Trophy.

Drew Brees also proved his share of doubters wrong in the NFL

While Aaron Rodgers’ road to the pros was unconventional, it wasn’t completely unique. Drew Brees also had to prove his fair share of doubters wrong.

Although Brees put up impressive numbers in high school, he didn’t receive much recruiting attention; he ultimately chose Perdue and headed to Indiana to join the Boilermakers, taking charge of Joe Tiller’s explosive spread offense. Despite his impressive NCAA career, though, NFL success wasn’t guaranteed.

In the 2001 NFL draft, Brees’ size became a talking point; teams were skeptical about his ability to thrive in the pros. He fell to the start of the second round, joining the Chargers as the 32nd-overall pick.

Although Brees ultimately became the starting quarterback in San Diego, his issues weren’t over yet. In 2004, the Chargers landed Philip Rivers; as a tall, commanding quarterback, he seemed to possess everything that conventional football men thought Brees lacked.

Brees managed to hold onto the top job but, in 2005, suffered a career-threatening shoulder injury. Faced with limited prospects—after turning down an incentive-based contract from the Chargers, he only had offers from the Saints and Dolphins. The quarterback headed to New Orleans and, 15 years later, it’s safe to say that decision paid off.

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees both have impressive net worths

Beyond those career similarities, both Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees have made more than $100 million in the NFL. The latter quarterback, however, has an edge in the head-to-head net worth comparison.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Rodgers has built up a $120 million fortune during his time in Green Bay. That number is nothing to sneeze at—he’ll also have at least a few more years of top-tier earning power—but Drew Brees has him beat CelebrityNetWorth pegs his net worth at $160 million.

On paper, neither Drew Brees nor Aaron Rodgers had the most conventional football careers. In the NFL, however, they’ve both silenced their doubters and earned plenty of cash.


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