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The ink has barely dried on Patrick Mahomes’ $503 million contract, but he’s already putting that money to good use. The Kansas City Chiefs star earned that deal after torching NFL defenses the last two years. With a Super Bowl ring, MVP glory, and the largest contract in sports history, he has accomplished more in less time than any other athlete.

On Tuesday, the 24-year-old with dynasty dreams just made history again thanks to the Kansas City Royals. In case you haven’t noticed, Mahomes can do just about anything he wants when he sets his mind to it.

Patrick Mahomes has made a habit of breaking records

It certainly didn’t take long for Patrick Mahomes to shake up all conventional wisdom about what quarterbacks should be able to do. The former baseball star smartly stuck with football, and boy has he made that decision look good.

After spending his rookie season learning under Alex Smith, Mahomes took over the starting job in 2018. From the moment the season began, he completely blew everyone away with his dynamic play. Watching the young quarterback rip off ridiculous throws from impossible angles made the Chiefs must-see TV.

By the end of his first year as a starter, Mahomes had already set several records. He became the first quarterback in history to throw for more than 5,000 yards in a single season in both college and the NFL. His prolific touchdown pace resulted in several records, as he became the youngest QB to throw six touchdowns in a game.

Last season, the former Texas Tech star added to his impressive resume by becoming the youngest Super Bowl MVP in league history. And of course, he shattered Mike Trout’s record for the largest contract in sports history by signing a $503 million deal on July 6.

Mahomes just became the youngest owner in sports history

On the field, Patrick Mahomes is clearly the NFL’s biggest star. Thanks to his generational talent, he scored a life-changing contract that makes the term “rich kid” look downright silly. And on Tuesday, he managed to set yet another record. This time it had nothing to do with throwing touchdowns or leading the Chiefs to another Super Bowl.

Instead, it involved his beloved Kansas City Royals.

Ian Rapoport reported that Mahomes became a part-owner of the Royals and now holds the title of the youngest owner in sports history. In a statement released via their Twitter account, Royals CEO and principal owner John Sherman shared his thoughts on adding the Chiefs star to the Royals’ ownership group.

“We are very proud and excited to have Patrick as our partner in the ownership group of this franchise. Along with the rest of Kansas City, I have watched Patrick compete and become an extraordinary leader, both on and off the football field.”

Mahomes has deep ties to baseball. Not only did he play the sport himself but also his father spent 11 seasons as an MLB pitcher. So getting into the ownership group represented a huge achievement for the superstar who hasn’t even turned 25 yet.

“I’m honored to become a part owner of the Kansas City Royals. I love this city and the people of this great town. This opportunity allows me to deepen my roots in this community, which is something I’m excited to do.”

The NFL’s biggest star joins a long list of athletes who invested in sports teams

Patrick Mahomes may have become the youngest owner in sports history, but he certainly isn’t the first athlete to invest in a pro sports franchise. Michael Jordan obviously stands atop the pack as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. The chief threat to his GOAT status, LeBron James, invested in the Liverpool FC soccer franchise.

Other NBA stars have followed in The Chosen One’s footsteps. Kevin Durant and James Harden have also gotten into the ownership game through soccer. Durant has even spoken about his desire to one day own part of the NFL franchise formerly known as the Washington Redskins.

Mahomes isn’t even the only NFL player to invest in a pro sports franchise. Longtime Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn used his NFL fortune to become a part-owner of the franchise. Of course, his $36 million career earnings pale in comparison to the payday Mahomes just scored.

Ultimately, investing in the Kansas City Royals helped Patrick Mahomes set another record. And if his NFL career continues to trend in the same direction as his first two years, he’ll shatter quite a few more before he hangs ’em up.


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