Joe Kozlowski
Sportscasting Staff Writer/Team Lead

Joe Kozlowski

Joe Kozlowski began his career as a sports journalist in 2013, and joined Sportscasting in 2019. He covers the NFL and NBA for Sportscasting, with specialties in team franchises like the Kansas City Chiefs and legacy NBA players including Michael Jordan. Off the clock, he’s an Arsenal supporter and a hockey goalie.

Joe is inspired by the stories of the athletes beyond the box scores and how they push the envelope — both in terms of what we think a human is capable of accomplishing, and how they find new competitive tactics to win on the court, field, or wherever they call home. He’s also inspired by the work of other sports journalists in the field, including Alex Prewitt, Katie Baker, and Drew Magary. Find more of Joe’s work on Muck Rack.

NBA legend Michael Jordan during a press conference.

Michael Jordan Once Gave Up a Profitable Endorsement Deal Because He Started Going Bald: ‘If I Had Wanted to Be Greedy, I Could’ve Said Screw You’

If you’re a longtime NBA fan, you’re probably familiar with Michael Jordan’s reputation. While His Airness possessed some truly elite talent, he wasn’t always the nicest guy around; he trash-talked anyone who stood in his way, punched his teammates, and has a reputation for being cheap. When it came to his endorsement deals, though, MJ …

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