Tom Brady Fails to Escape Eli Manning in the Buccaneers’ Loss to the Cowboys

Tom Brady couldn’t pass Eli Manning for the most career NFL playoff wins as an underdog.

Luke Norris  •  17 Jan 2023
Eli Manning Shares Relatable Problems Working From Home While Filming the Manningcast

Eli Manning’s life is unlike 99.9% of Americans’, but there is one way many of us can relate to him and his current work-from-home situation.

Tim Crean  •  12 Sep 2022
Is the Manningcast on tonight? Check out Eli and Peyton Manning’s 2022 ‘Monday Night Football’ Schedule

The Manningcast is the most fun sports broadcasts out there today. Here are the dates Eli and Peyton Manning will be on ESPN2 for ‘Monday Night Football’ in 2022.

Tim Crean  •  08 Sep 2022
Arch Manning Makes His College Decision, and It’s Not Eli or Peyton Manning’s School

Quarterback Arch Manning, the nephew of Eli and Peyton Manning made the decision to play college football for the Texas Longhorns in 2023.

Tim Crean  •  23 Jun 2022
Eli Manning Throws Subtle Dig at Jeremy Shockey When Asked About His All-Time Teammates

Eli Manning wasn’t a huge fan of former New York Giants teammate Jeremy Shockey and he made that clear in a recent interview with Cam Newton.

Tim Crean  •  15 Jun 2022
Super Bowl Stunners: The Lowest Seeds Ever to Come Out On Top

Only four teams since the 1990 NFL Playoff expansion have won the Super Bowl seeded 5th or 6th.

Jeff Goldberg  •  10 Feb 2022
Eli Manning Makes Tone-Deaf Excuses for New York Giants After Brian Flores Lawsuit: ‘They Don’t Care Minority or Not’

The New York Giants have a serious problem right now with the Brian Flores lawsuit, but that didn’t stop former Giants QB Eli Manning from getting involved.

Tim Crean  •  02 Feb 2022
Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers: Ranking the 2004 Quarterback Class

Ben Roethlisberger was the best of the 2004 quarterback draft class, including Eli Manning and Philip Rivers.

Jeff Goldberg  •  28 Jan 2022
‘The Rock’ Sacked Charlie Ward So Hard in College, the Heisman Trophy Winner Chose the NBA

The Rock told the Manning brothers Monday night that his sack made Charlie Ward choose the NBA over the NFL.

Jeff Goldberg  •  18 Jan 2022