Sportscasting 2022 NFL Offseason Hub: Free Agency, Trades, Coaching Candidates, and So Much More for All 32 Teams

Welcome to the Sportscasting 2022 NFL Offseason hub, the only source you’ll need to keep up with all 32 teams during the torturous time that is life without football.

Now, the beautiful thing about the NFL is that the excitement truly doesn’t end once a Super Bowl champion is crowned. Sure, we’ve got a little lull there for a couple of weeks, but then we’re right into the combine the first week of March. Not long after that, we’re into the free-agency and trading periods, which could be absolutely wild this year, and then we’ve got the 2022 NFL Draft at the end of April.

  • March 1-7: 2022 NFL Scouting Combine
  • March 8: 4 p.m. EST deadline for teams to designate franchise or transition players
  • March 14-16: Teams can contact and negotiate with players designated to become unrestricted free agents
  • March 16: 2022 league year, free-agency period, and trading periods begin at 4 p.m. EST
  • April 28-30: 2022 NFL Draft

Sure, those couple of months between the draft and the start of training camps aren’t much fun, but there’s always something to talk about regarding the NFL. And at least we’ll get some USFL action this year, right?

Our goal here is simple: to provide you with up-to-date information on the things you care about as they pertain to your favorite NFL team during the offseason. As we move along, we’ll include new pieces for all 32 teams.

We were too excited to wait until after the Super Bowl to get started, so we rolled out the “Plan of Attack” for the 18 teams that missed out on the NFL playoffs to start and kept adding as teams were eliminated. And now that Super Bowl 56 is in the books, we’ve released all 32. We’ve also started adding pieces on the free agents each team should be targeting and will have all teams done before free agency officially begins in mid-March.


Arizona Cardinals (11-6, 2nd NFC West, No. 5 seed NFC Playoffs)

Atlanta Falcons (7-10, 3rd NFC South, missed postseason)

Baltimore Ravens (8-9, 4th AFC North, missed postseason)

Buffalo Bills (11-6, 1st AFC East, No. 3 seed AFC Playoffs)

Carolina Panthers (5-12, 4th NFC South, missed postseason)

Chicago Bears (6-11, 3rd NFC North, missed postseason)

Cincinnati Bengals (10-7, 1st AFC North, No. 4 seed AFC Playoffs)

Cleveland Browns (8-9, 3rd AFC North, missed postseason)

Dallas Cowboys (12-5, 1st NFC East, No. 3 seed NFC Playoffs)

Denver Broncos (7-10, 4th AFC West, missed postseason)

Detroit Lions (3-13-1, 4th NFC North, missed postseason)

Green Bay Packers (13-4, 1st NFC North, No. 1 seed NFC Playoffs)

Houston Texans (4-13, 3rd AFC South, missed postseason)

Indianapolis Colts (9-8, 2nd AFC South, missed postseason)

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-14, 4th AFC South, missed postseason)

Kansas City Chiefs (12-5, 1st AFC West, No. 2 seed AFC Playoffs)

Las Vegas Raiders (10-7, 2nd AFC West, No. 5 seed AFC Playoffs)

Los Angeles Chargers (9-8, 3rd AFC West, missed postseason)

Los Angeles Rams (12-5, 1st NFC West, No. 4 seed NFC Playoffs)

Miami Dolphins (9-8, 3rd AFC East, missed postseason)

Minnesota Vikings (8-9, 2nd NFC North, missed postseason)

New England Patriots (10-7, 2nd AFC East, No. 6 seed AFC Playoffs)

New Orleans Saints (9-8, 2nd NFC South, missed postseason)

New York Giants (4-13, 4th NFC East, missed postseason)

New York Jets (4-13, 4th AFC East, missed postseason)

Philadelphia Eagles (9-8, 2nd NFC East, No. 7 seed NFC Playoffs)

Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1, 2nd AFC North, No. 7 seed AFC Playoffs)

San Francisco 49ers (10-7, 3rd NFC West, No. 6 seed NFC Playoffs)

Seattle Seahawks (7-10, 4th NFC West, missed postseason)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4, 1st NFC South, No. 2 seed NFC Playoffs)

Tennessee Titans (12-5, 1st AFC South, No. 1 seed AFC Playoffs)

Washington Football Team (7-10, 3rd NFC East, missed postseason)

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