Freddie Freeman Didn’t Listen to Chipper Jones, and Now Everyone Is Uncomfortable

Freddie Freeman probably should have listened to Chipper Jones from the very beginning.

Mike Thomas  •  30 Jun 2022
If Freddie Freeman Leaves, the Atlanta Braves Apparently Have Plan B in Mind

Has Freddie Freeman played his last game with the Atlanta Braves?

Mike Thomas  •  12 Mar 2022
Former Atlanta Braves All-Star Andruw Jones Wishes He Had His Son’s Baseball Resume

Andruw Jones’ son might hear his name called first in June’s MLB Draft.

Mike Thomas  •  11 Mar 2022
Is Freddie Freeman’s Time Up With the Atlanta Braves?

Will Freddie Freeman be suiting up for the Atlanta Braves in 2022?

Mike Thomas  •  23 Feb 2022
Bobby Cox, Stricken by a Stroke in 2019, ‘Happy and Proud’ of Atlanta Braves’ 2021 World Series Title

Former Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, who suffered a stroke in 2019, was “happy and proud” the Braves won the World Series this year.

Mike Thomas  •  06 Feb 2022
Greg Maddux Would Have Signed With the Yankees if Not for a Heart Attack and a Missing Contract

Although Chicago Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux intended to sign with the New York Yankees in 1992, a heart attack instead directed him to the Atlanta Braves.

Jake Elman  •  06 Jul 2023
Freddie Freeman Reportedly Grew ‘Very Impatient’ With the Braves as the Dodgers Lurk

Freddie Freeman has reportedly grown impatient with the Atlanta Braves over his contract negotiations. The Dodgers appear ready to step in.

Mike Thomas  •  16 Dec 2021
Freddie Freeman Turned to His Young Son to Snap out of an Early-Season Slump

Freddie Freeman turned to his young son to help him snap out of an early-season batting slump.

Mike Thomas  •  29 Oct 2021
2021 World Series: The Last Postseason Matchup Between the Braves and Astros Featured a Historic Finish and a Roger Clemens Rarity

The final game of the 2005 NLDS between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros featured a Roger Clemens rarity and was the longest game in MLB postseason history.

Luke Norris  •  26 Oct 2021