Sean Payton Hints At Denver Broncos’ Future At Quarterback After Being Criticized For How He Handled Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson’s first year with Sean Payton as head football coach of the Denver Broncos was a total disaster. He had one of the worst statistical seasons of his career. He went 7-8 in 15 games. As the season began to wind down, Sean Payton made the decision to bench Wilson in favor of Jarrett […]

Grayson Weir  •  09 Feb 2024
Fantasy Football Bye Week: When Does Your Quarterback Sit Out During the 2023–24 NFL Season?

Competitors must adjust their teams to accommodate for corresponding fantasy football bye weeks, especially since they run late into the season this year.

Rita DeMichiel  •  17 Sep 2023
How Long Are the Broncos Stuck With the Russell Wilson Contract?

After a brutal 5-12 season for the Broncos, the question heading into 2023 is how long is the team stuck with the Russell Wilson contract?

Tim Crean  •  14 May 2023
1 Surprising QB Draft Class Has Made Almost $1 Billion, and Will Soon Be the Highest-Paid Class in NFL History

Which QB draft class has made the most money collectively in NFL history? It’s surprisingly the QBs from the 2012 NFL Draft.

Tim Crean  •  06 May 2023
Seahawks Rookie Tariq Woolen Piles on to ‘Sack of Potatoes’ Russell Wilson

Seahawks rookie Tariq Woolen never played with Russell Wilson but had no problem taking a shot at the QB ahead of Wilson-Pete Carroll report.

Tim Crean  •  24 Feb 2023
Sean Payton Lays Down the Law With Russell Wilson: ‘That’s Foreign to Me’

New Broncos head coach Sean Payton put the kibosh on Russel Wilson having his own personal coaching staff in the building next season.

Tim Crean  •  07 Feb 2023
How Many Black Quarterbacks Have Started a Super Bowl?

A look at the number of Black quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl.

Luke Norris  •  13 Feb 2023
Russell Wilson’s House in Denver Has More Bathrooms Than Broncos QB Has TD Passes

The Russell Wilson experiment by the Broncos is a disaster so far, but Russell Wilson’s house in the Denver suburbs is incredible.

Tim Crean  •  11 Dec 2022
The Denver Broncos Have 107 Million Reasons to Regret Making Russell Wilson the Face of the Franchise

Russell Wilson has been an expensive disaster in his first season with the Denver Broncos.

Stephen Sheehan  •  03 Dec 2022