NFL Draft: Just 6 No. 1 Draft Picks Have Ever Won Rookie of the Year

It’s hard enough to make it to the NFL, but making it and succeeding as Rookie of the Year? That’s a huge feat.

Julie Rhoads  •  25 Mar 2023
Cam Newton Admits to Something Most Patriots Fans Already Knew

Cam Newton recently came out and said he was struggling with the New England Patriots offense midway through the 2020 season.

Mike Thomas  •  09 Jun 2022
Cam Newton Goes on Another Ridiculously Sexist Rant: ‘No Baby, But You Can’t Cook’

Former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton’s once again stuck his foot in his mouth with sexist comments about women.

Tim Crean  •  12 Apr 2022
Who Has the Most Touchdown Passes in History For All 32 NFL Teams

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are among the quarterbacks who own the record for most passing touchdowns for a franchise.

Jeff Goldberg  •  08 Jan 2022
Betty White Dab-bled in the Sports World — Just Ask Cam Newton

Betty White may have taught Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton a thing or two. White, the iconic actress, died Friday at age 99.

Mike Thomas  •  01 Jan 2022
Cam Newton’s 1st Touchdown in His Return to the Carolina Panthers Says a Lot About Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots

Cam Newton scored a rushing touchdown Sunday, and it said a lot about his former coach Bill Belichick.

Mike Thomas  •  15 Nov 2021
Cam Newton Just Gave Bill Belichick an Unexpected $1.5 Million Parting Gift Without Spending a Single Penny

By taking his talents back to Carolina, Cam Newton just helped Bill Belichick and the Patriots secure some much-needed financial wriggle room for the 2022 season.

Stephen Sheehan  •  12 Nov 2021
Cam Newton Played Behind Tim Tebow At Florida But Gave Him Humble Praise Despite Enjoying a Better NFL Career

Cam Newton was Tim Tebow’s backup at Florida and had great things to say about his former college teammate.

Brandon Austin  •  07 Jun 2023